Audi Drive-In Theater Presented by Bumble

July 11 – September 24 | Buttermilk Parking Lot

As we experience this summer of social distancing, join us at our Audi Drive-In Theater Presented by Bumble, beginning Saturday, July 11. Our drive-in theater at the Buttermilk parking lot will feature a 40 foot wide screen and surround sound transmitted to your car via FM radio. Experience classic family-friendly films, fresh-air surroundings, beautiful back-drop views and stay in- or on- your car seating this summer.


DateMovieDrive-In Movie Passes
8/12/2020Almost FamousParking Passes
8/15/2020Jurassic ParkParking Passes
8/19/2020Anchorman: The Legend of Ron BurgundyParking Passes
8/22/2020Star Wars: The Rise of SkywalkerPARKING PASSES
8/26/2020 RVParking Passes
8/29/2020The Big LebowskiParking Passes
9/5/2020The Kentucky Derby Drive-inPARKING PASSES
9/5/2020Forrest GumpParking Passes
9/9/2020Standing Tall - Everest PremiereParking Passes
9/12/2020Avengers: Infinity WarParking Passes
9/18/2020The Meeting Film Fest: Matchstick Productions - Huck YeahParking Passes
9/24/2020The Meeting Film Fest: Teton Gravity Research - Make BelieveParking Passes
9/26/2020The Meeting Film Fest: Transamericana feat Rickey GatesParking Passes

Safety Requirements

Due to COVID-19 guidelines, we ask guest to please stay at home, if you have any of the following COVID-19 symptoms - headache, sore throat, fever, dry cough, recent inability to taste or smell, shortness of breath, body aches, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting or abdominal pain.

There will be a limit of 150 cars with a space in between each vehicle. We ask that guests please remain in or on their vehicles at all times. All guests are required to wear masks if you must exit the vehicle to use the bathrooms.

Drive-In Parking Pass Information

Purchase of a parking permit will grant access for a single vehicle and it's passengers. Parking permit options will be broken up into three groups based on scheduled arrival time. If you are late for your designated arrival group you will be placed into the next one available. Placement of vehicles in the lot will be determined by vehicle size with the smaller going up front and larger going in back.

The parking permits will be sent to the purchaser via email. Staff will scan the QR code on the mobile or printed ticket through your window as you enter the parking lot. Please have your ticket ready to be scanned at the entrance.

Walk ups and cyclists are prohibited at this time.

Rules & Regulations


.-Everyone must obey the county health ordinance:
- 6 feet spacing at all times
-When speaking to people or in a group you must wear your mask
-Stay inside, on or in the back of your vehicle at all times (unless walking to the restroom or to pick up food).
-Please keep moving when proceeding to and from the restroom or when picking up food.
-Please arrive on time. You will be assigned a show up time based on the group type listed on your parking permit. Please do not arrive more than 10 minutes before your designated arrival group window. If you are late for your designated arrival group you will be placed into the next one available. It’s important that you stay within your assigned time.
-No idling vehicles during the movie
-No smoking
-No pets
- This is a pack-in, pack-out event. Please take home any trash you have when you leave. This is for the safety of our staff and limits cross contamination. DO NOT THROW IT ON THE GROUND!
-No sharing food/beverages between vehicles
-If you do not have a parking pass you will not be allowed on site. There is no on-site pass sales.
-If you need to use the restroom, please wear a mask at all times and keep 6 ft of distance between yourself and others if there is a line. The restrooms at Bumps will have a limited capacity and will be sanitized it at regular intervals. Please keep in mind these measures are for your safety and may slow down the line for the restroom so plan accordingly. Since we are only showing single features, we urge that you go to the bathroom before you arrive.
-Headlights and Exterior lighting must be off during the movie, no exceptions. Please research how to shut off your lights before arriving at the theater. If you cannot get your lights figured out, please bring a portable radio with you. Sound is broadcast in FM only, apps do not work.
IMPORTANCE OF FOLLOWING THESE GUIDELINES-- it is our goal to provide our theatre community with a fun movie experience-- it is absolutely vital that these social distancing guidelines be followed at all times. We will enforce these guidelines and we ask for your patience and understanding. Should any patron not follow our guidelines, they will be asked to leave the theater immediately without refunds...This is up to the discretion of lot attendants and management.


Audi Drive-In Theater Series