Bud Light Mountain Challenge

Snow biker taking part in the Bud Light Mountain Challenge race.

Bud Light Mountain Challenge

March 17 - April 7 | Snowmass
To all self-proclaimed elite athletes, offbeat competition enthusiasts and general lovers of a good time, Aspen Snowmass is thrilled to host the Bud Light Mountain Challenge March 17th - April 7th at Snowmass.

All events are free and participants can register on-site. Competitors are invited to partake in any number of challenges but contestants must complete all six events to be crowned a winner of the overall Bud Light Mountain Challenge. Please note that some events require challengers to be 21 years or older due to the presence of alcohol.

Bud Light Mountain Challenge Schedule

DateTime Event NameEvent DescriptionRegistrationCost
3/17/202312PM-4PMUllrhof Games

Ullrhof games is a match of the beer drinking titans at Ullrhof Restaurant at Snowmass. Teams compete in traditional games like beer pong, speed quarters, corn hole and stump for prizes and pride.
3/24/20233PM-5PMBud Light Gears and Beers
Fat Bike Banked Slalom Challenge: Banked course with berms and gates. There will be two courses for guests to race against each other. Bikes will be provided for participants that do not have bikes. Helmets are mandatory.Daly Lane FREE
3/31/20233:00PM - 5:00PMBud Light Bad Axe
Axe Throwing Competition: Competitors will throw an axe at a target, attempting to hit the bull’s eye. Scoring is the same as darts. We will run this event in 3-30 minute single elimination tournaments. And the last 30 minutes will be the finals. Fanny HillFREE
4/7/20223PM-5PMBud Light Bottle BashThe object of Bottle Bash is to throw the disc at your opponent's bottle and knock both the bottle and the disc to the ground. The defending team's goal is to catch the disc and bottle before reaching the ground to prevent the offensive team from scoring points.Across From Skittles Gondola