Snowmass Luminescence

Overlooking the new Snowmass Luminescence event on Fanny Hill in Snowmass Colorado.

Snowmass Luminescence

December 18 - February 26 | Snowmass | Sunset - 9 PM
We could all use a little more light in our lives these days. And now, when the lifts close at Snowmass, things really brighten up. Snowmass Luminescence, an interactive art and light display brought to you by Snowmass Tourism and Aspen Snowmass, will immerse you and your family in a dazzling world of light and art. Skip the Skittles Gondola ride between the Snowmass Mall and Base Village and, instead, stroll through The Tunnel, an interactive series of LED illuminated walkways and arches that will ignite your senses. In addition, you can experience a large-scale interactive LED installations by acclaimed artists, Wave by Squidsoup and Electric Dandelion by Liquid PLX. Snowmass Luminescence runs from December 17th through February 27th from sunset to 9 p.m. daily.

Installations include sequences of flashing lights that may affect people who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy or other photosensitivity. Please use caution.

Snowmass Luminescence Art Installations

Wave by Squidsoup

December 17 - February 27

Wave consists of some five hundred individual suspended orbs, points of presence brought to life through light and sound, that collectively create a resonant and dynamic audiovisual experience – a sustaining space within which each orb resonates in changing harmonies to create an enveloping and entrancing physical presence.

Electric Dandelion by Liquid PXL

The Electric Dandelions are giant steel and acrylic sculptures that represent a dandelion flower during the day and come to life at night as an endless firework display.

The 28 ft tall dandelion sculptures have a beautiful and elegant design to them. Their spherical shape is attributed to the geodesic sphere that lies at the heart of the Dandelion. Forty one light tubes crop out from the vertices. At Night, the geometric dandelion sculptures come to life at night as the LED animations take hold and mesmerize you with their bright and intense endless firework display.

Electric Dandelion light installation.
Light installation in Snowmass as part of the Snowmass luminescences.

The Tunnel

An immersive walking path on snow that provides an alternative to riding the Skittles Gondola between the Snowmass Mall and Base Village. The Tunnel consists of a series of three separate light installations that are each unique in presentation and experience. The segments are custom programmed with 5-minute light sequences that will take you on a visual journey.