Snowmass Operating Dates: June 21 - September 7, 2020 | September 11-13, 18-20, 25-27, October 2-4, 2020

Hours: 10 AM - 5 PM

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One of the main features of the Lost Forest, Treeline Trial Challenge Course combines rappels, ziplines, bridges and ladders for a thrilling obstacle course in the trees. Learn to trust your instincts, conquer your fears, and surprise yourself.

Open to families and thrill-seekers, the course has already redefined the on-mountain experience at Snowmass. Choose from five different courses of varying difficulty: Lily Pads (easiest), Snakes & Ladders, Eagle Walk, Spider Web and Islands in the Sky (most difficult). View the video below for a comprehensive look at these features.

Still image of Snowmass Lost Forest Treeline Trial Challenge Course
Still image of Snowmass Lost Forest Treeline Trial Challenge Course

planning information

Allow a minimum of 2 hours to experience the Challenge Course including orientation. First time participation in the Challenge Course requires completion of an orientation session which run every 30 minutes at :15 and :45 past the hour, starting at 9:15 AM and ending at 1:15 PM. The last opportunity to begin a course is 3:30 PM. We recommend arriving early. The Challenge Course and associated orientations are space-permitting and available on a first-come-first-serve basis. Check in at the Lost Forest Headquarters at the top of the Elk Camp Gondola.

Please review our Lost Forest Rules & Regulations before purchasing admission.

Rules & Health Requirements

  • All guests must sign a release of liability waiver
  • All loose clothing and hair below shoulder length shall be secured
  • No food or gum is allowed


Guests who are under the influence of drugs or alcohol of any kind may not participate in this activity. Guests with the following medical conditions may not participate in this activity: (a) pregnant or think they may be pregnant, (b) heart condition, (c) seizure condition, (d) history of back or neck injury, or (e) any other medical condition that prevents guest from following the safety rules and guidelines.

Age, Height & Weight Restrictions

Age: 12+ years old or accompanied by an adult
Height: Between 48-78 inches / 122-198cm
Weight: Between 50–250 lbs / 22-113 kg

What to Bring

  • Only closed-toed shoes and boots are allowed on the Treeline Trial Challenge Course. No sandals or flip-flops.
  • Wear longer shorts, pants or leggings (for more comfort with the harness)
  • Short-sleeved and long-sleeved shirts are also more comfortable than tanktops due to the harness.
  • Bring sunscreen, sunglasses and a water bottle with a carabiner.
  • Take off all necklaces and large jewelry before arriving at Snowmass
  • If you bring your phone, store it in a securely zipped pocket
  • Leave backpacks and extra items in the Lost Forest Headquarters
  • Use the restroom before you go – There are restrooms in the Lost Forest Headquarters.