Elevated Journey

Within Lost Forest, experience all the best parts of hiking on Snowmass without the grueling multi-hour trek to the peak.

Elevated Journey Hiking trails

Summer 2024 Operating Hours

Open: Daily: June 21–Sept. 2, Weekends (Fri.–Sun.) Sept. 6–8, 13–15, 20–22, 27–29

Close: Sept. 30

Begin your journey at the top of Elk Camp Gondola, where you can take one of several hiking trails to explore Snowmass, find fields of wildflowers and pine forests, take in the views, and enjoy all the beauty the Rocky Mountains are known for. Return to fine dining at Elk Camp Restaurant and a convenient ride down on the gondola.

Planning Information

Hiking on Elevated Journey trails is of course free, but if you would like to take the gondola to access the trails, you will need a Sightseeing Ticket or Package.

Before visiting Lost Forest, check the weather and make sure that you have adequate gear to remain safe on your hike and pack your backpack accordingly. Once you arrive at Snowmass Base Village, pick up a trail map at our ticket office or outside of the Elk Camp Gondola (or use your Aspen Snowmass App). To begin your journey, take the Elk Camp Gondola to the top. After exiting, use your trail map or speak to a Lost Forest employee to orient yourself and begin hiking!

What to Bring

Rain Jacket

Weather in the Rocky Mountains can change suddenly. You should always bring a rain jacket when hiking.

Active Clothing

It is best to wear athletic, moisture-wicking clothing regardless of the weather.

Hiking Shoes

It is best to wear hiking boots or tennis shoes with good tread and ankle support to maintain stability on rocky, muddy, and uneven terrain.

Trail Map

Don't hike without a trail map to orient yourself. Trail maps are available at our ticket offices. Maps can also be found on our Aspen Snowmass App.

Sun Protection

The altitude in Colorado makes you more susceptible to sunburn. Make sure you have applied sunscreen before hiking. Sunglasses, hats, and other sun protection will make your hike more pleasant.

Water & Food

Bring sufficient water, food, and snacks to sustain you on your hike.
Cancellation Policy
Completely unused Lost Forest Base, or Sightseeing tickets are refundable. Lost Forest Canopy, Treeline, and Sunset Tuesday Tickets require 48-hour cancellation notice. No refunds due to weather if operations remain open. No partial refunds.

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