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Biking Guide

We have your guide for all the single-track, cross-country, downhill, or pavement-centric options, as well as information on bike rentals throughout the Roaring Fork Valley.
a person riding a bike on a trail
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Summertime in the Rocky Mountains is synonymous with life on two wheels. And biking in the heart of the Roaring Fork Valley’s IMBA Gold Level-rated trail ecosystem—one of only seven Gold Level ratings in the world as designated by the International Mountain Bicycling Association—is a treat for every type of rider.

Flowy and friendly singletrack. Scenic road gravel grinding routes. Miles of cross-country trails. Adrenaline-inducing descents. The renowned Snowmass Bike Park. Both experts and first-timers will fall in love with the diverse terrain in the Aspen Snowmass area. And, with five convenient locations around Aspen Snowmass in the summer, Four Mountain Sports is your one-stop rental and retail bike shop in the Valley. As for road biking, you'll want to head to ASPENX for nothing less than an elevated rental experience.

Get to know the area’s diverse biking and cycling options below.

Snowmass Bike Park

Snowmass Bike Park downhiller

Snowmass Bike Park downhiller

Downhill mountain biking lives at Snowmass. Lift-service downhill biking is made possible via the Elk Camp Gondola and Chairlift, which whisk riders up 3,000 vertical feet and offer endless options for descent on 16 purpose-built trails.

Visit the Park

Like ski runs, downhill bike trails are labeled green, blue, and black with many variations in-between, so it’s easy to know where to start and where to progress.

If you're new to downhill mountain biking, start in the Meadows Skills Park—located at mid-mountain and accessed via gondola—so you can still experience everything the park has to offer while learning to love the sport.

Intermediate riders can find unbelievable flow on French Press, a super long, five-mile blue-rated descent with vegetation and climate changes along the way. Expert riders love Valhalla, Battle Axe, and of course, Animal Crackers—the most challenging trail in the Park with unrelenting technical features including off-camber roots, plunging corners with catch-berms and rock gardens. No matter your skill level, consider taking a camp or clinic through our Bike School to grow and hone your skills.

Snowmass Bike Park Series

Join local and visiting riders, or challenge your friends on a different course each week at the Snowmass Bike Park Series, held Tuesdays from July 5th to August 9th.

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Come Find Your Flow in the Snowmass Bike Park

Mountain Biking Around Aspen Snowmass

Mountain biking around Snowmass Village

Mountain biking around Snowmass Village

Outside of the Snowmass Bike Park, there are hundreds of miles of trails stretching across the Roaring Fork Valley—from Aspen all the way down to Glenwood Springs—and their range is unparalleled. You can explore big loops of singletrack connecting Aspen to Snowmass as well as classic cross-country climbs and descents in Basalt and Carbondale. No matter what you’re looking to do—roll through fields of flowers on a short ride, or spend a full day getting deep in the backcountry—there’s a trail for you.

Mountain Biking At and Around Aspen Snowmass

Road Biking Around Aspen Snowmass

Road Biking up Independence Pass

Road Biking up Independence Pass

The mountain biking in Aspen may get most of the attention, but the road biking roots here also run deep. Many professional cyclists live or have lived in Aspen, and even more visit on a regular basis. The high-altitude climbs make for a great training ground and the beautiful scenery is an ideal backdrop for any type of ride. While hills are a part of cycling here, there are many routes that avoid the most strenuous and popular climbs.

Renting a road bike is a pretty straight-forward business. You’ll want skinny tires and drop handlebars, and anyone at ASPENX will be able to get you set up with the right bike to help you dominate the roads and paved trails.

Road Biking Around Aspen Snowmass

E-Biking and Cruising Around Aspen Snowmass

E-Biking around Aspen Snowmass

E-Biking around Aspen Snowmass

Step downtown during the summer and you’ll see bike racks everywhere filled with cruisers and e-bikes. Locals use cruisers as their primary mode of transportation for everything from grocery shopping to bar hopping. Some cruiser bikes have gears, others don’t, so be sure to rent whichever type makes you more comfortable depending on where you’re going. If you plan to stay within a few blocks of town, you’ll be fine with either no gears or very few. If you’re going to explore out of town on some of the nearer paved paths, however, having a range of gears will be helpful in getting up and down some short, mild hills.

E-Bike Rentals

Speaking of hills... e-bikes have grown in popularity and are a huge hit for people looking to cruise around the Valley and see the sites with ease. They are permitted in town, on any paved service roads, as well as on the Rio Grande trail, stretching from Aspen all the way down the valley to Glenwood Springs. Roll up to the Maroon Bells or coast around town—the fun is endless (and easy) on an e-bike. Take a look at our Guide to E-Biking Around Aspen Snowmass to plan your adventure.

Guide to E-Biking Around Aspen Snowmass

E-Bike Rentals from Four Mountain Sports

Get Started With Your Bike Rental

Need a bike? Drop by Four Mountain Sports and roll out ready for whatever adventure you’re gearing up for. Enjoy options for all your biking needs—cruisers, e-bikes, kid's bikes, trailers, and an assortment of mountain bikes including trail, enduro and downhill bikes—plus accessories and apparel.