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people riding bikes on a bridge over a river

A Guide to E-Biking Around Aspen Snowmass

Cruising the streets and designated paths surrounding the towns of Aspen and Snowmass on an e-bike is one of the best (and easiest) ways to experience the area in the warmer months. Here is your lowdown on what you need to know before heading out on your next electric bike mission.
people riding bikes on a bridge over a river
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Learn where  e-bikes are permitted and master the etiquette so you can maximize your ride.  

E-bikes, or electric bikes, have exploded in popularity in recent years as tools for both commuting and having a lot of fun. Designed to operate like regular bicycles, the magic of e-bikes lies in the battery power that kicks into gear whenever the rider is pedaling, taking away strenuous elements of the ride while maintaining—and even enhancing—the simple joys of cruising along on two wheels.

Where to Ride

While e-bikes are common now, the rules around them can still be confusing. In general, e-bikes are not allowed on singletrack mountain bike trails in or around Aspen Snowmass, but they are permitted on any paved service roads as well as the Rio Grande trail, stretching from Aspen all the way down the valley to Glenwood Springs. There are plenty of e-bike routes on which to take in world-renowned views, catch some fresh air, and spend time in some of the Roaring Fork Valley’s most scenic spaces.

Owl Creek Trail

Starting from Snowmass Village or Buttermilk, this 5.8-mile paved, rural trail wraps around Sky Mountain Park and boasts pretty views of Mt. Daley —plus beautiful herds of elk and horses.

East of Aspen Trail to the North Star Nature Preserve

Take East of Aspen Trail east of town toward Independence Pass about two miles and enjoy the wonders of the North Star Nature Preserve—where the Roaring Fork River peacefully meanders and wildlife abounds.

Up Maroon Creek to the Bells

For an incredible way to experience the Maroon Bells, rent an e-bike from the Four Mountain Sports at the base of Aspen Highlands for an 8.6-mile ride (or from Aspen for a longer ride, about 11.5 miles) up Maroon Creek Road, which winds through a forest filled with aspens and pine trees.

Up Castle Creek Road to Ashcroft

Take a 12-mile scenic ride from Aspen’s roundabout up Castle Creek Road to this sleepy old mining town, which is home to several historic ruins and homesteads in an authentic, western setting.

Rio Grande Trail to Woody Creek Tavern

From Four Mountain Sports in Aspen, take the Rio Grande path 7.8 miles to Woody Creek Tavern—favorite hangout of infamous gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson—for a drink and a bite.

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One-Way Rentals Between Four Mountain Sports Locations

Rent an e-bike from the Four Mountain Sports in Snowmass Base Village, Snowmass Mall, downtown Aspen, or Aspen Highlands, head out on your adventure around the Valley, and then opt to return your bike to whichever rental location is most convenient for you.

Rules to Follow

  • Walk your bikes and e-bikes in pedestrian malls.
  • Ride with traffic (stay to the right side of the road) unless you’re turning left or passing someone.
  • Ride single-file, as close to the white line/shoulder as safely possible.
  • Always bring a light when you're riding at night. A white light up front and reflector behind is best.
  • Let everyone know you’re turning or stopping by signaling with your left or right arm. When you're stopping, signal with your left arm downward.
  • When riding on a multi-use path, ride on the right side and give audible warnings when passing.
  • You can ride side-by-side as long as you're not impeding traffic, but move to single file when appropriate so traffic can pass.
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Stop at stop signs and obey traffic lights.
  • E-bikes are prohibited on single-track trails.
  • Class 1 e-bikes are allowed on the Rio Grande Trail, where there is a 20-mile-per-hour speed limit.
  • Learn more about Colorado bike laws.