Course Information

Course marking provided by Cripple Creek Backcountry

Aid Stations:
This is largely a self-sufficient race; however, we will have two Aid Stations for Sport course participants and one for Recreational course participants. A full Aid Station will be located at Highlands Base Village (~8.5 mi) with water, Electrolyte drink (to fill your bottle or reservoir), Coke, and BASE Performance products. A second water station will be at the entrance to the Congo Trail (~15.5 mi) after the descent of the Highland Bowl and will have the same items.

Cut-Off Times:
There is a 9am cut-off at the top of Burnt Mountain Gate and a 1pm cut off at the Congo trail where the course makes its final descent towards Aspen Mountain. There is a 1pm cut off at the Congo trail for the Power of Two race participants.

New this year, if you have not reached the top of Aspen Mountain by 4:00 PM, Ski Patrol reserves the right to escort you by snowmobile to the Aspen Mountain Gondola to download and you will be marked as a DNF. This is in an effort to keep our athletes and staff safe and healthy.

Course Marking:
Green pin flags = uphill
Red pin flags = downhill
red and blue GS panels = downhill
Yellow pin flags = booting
Please note that while you will see a few GS panels near the 'gut' of the Highland Bowl, each team is free to choose their own descent of the Bowl once they reach the Summit. These particular GS panels are to be used as a guide for those less familiar with the area.

Course Rules:
- You must ascend with skins
- You must descend with boots locked into the ski position
- Skis must be attached to a pack in 2 attachment points for all booters
- Skins must be fully tucked into suit/jacket/pack prior to leaving the transition area
- Poles must be flat on the ground during all transitions
- Race officials, checkpoint officials and ski patrol can require racers to put on jackets or buffs at any time
- Teammates must be within 10 seconds of each other on the uphill and 5 seconds of each other on the downhill portions
- A team's finish time will be based on the second person to cross the finish line

Exiting the Race Early:
In the event you do not feel you can complete the race and choose to stop you MUST check-out with the nearest Course Marshall, with ski patrol or at the finish area at the base of the gondola on Aspen Mountain.