Powder days in ski towns are like Christmas morning for adults. And the good news is that they happen more than once in a winter (most years). But besides looking out your window, here’s how to get most accurate information on snow totals, terrain reports and real-time conditions so you can maximize your powder play.

Weather Guru

Do you consider yourself an aspiring meteorologist? Or sometimes wonder why Snowmass reports twice as much snow as Aspen? Thanks to real-time weather data feeds, you too can track the weather as it changes hourly to see which mountain is actually getting the most snow — and then plan accordingly for the next day.

Aspen/Snowmass’ mid-mountain and mountain-top weather stations report ongoing snow accumulations so you don’t have to wait until the morning to know how much fell. On Aspen Highlands, snow is tracked at Cloud Nine; on Snowmass, at the base of High Alpine lift; at Aspen Mountain snow is tracked from the base of Gent’s Ridge, and on Buttermilk, it’s monitored from the top only.
Sending it on a snowboard
Sending it on a snowboard

Of course, if reading charts it’s too much work, there’s visual tracking too on Snowmass. The snow stake, at Elk Camp, actually measures snow and people can watch the white stuff pile up. Either log on for a time lapse to get a feel for how much snow fell, or get a real-time report of snow depth.

Powder Alerts

Powder pancakes
Powder pancakes

If you don’t want to do the work of keeping track in advance of, or during, a storm, simply sign up for a powder alert and an email will be delivered to your inbox before 8am when it snows 8 or more inches.

And as a PSA, any time it does snow more than 8 inches, SkiCo dishes out powder pancakes — free pancakes served from Aspen’s Sundeck, Highlands’ Merry-Go-Round, Snowmass’ Elk Camp and Buttermilk’s Bumps. The pancakes are served from 10-11am on the mountains where it snows more than 8 inches, which on a good day, could mean all four! Powder Pancake alerts are sent out on all their social media channels so if you see some tasty pancakes on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter you know it’s going to be a good day!

Still Wondering?

Before heading up to the slopes, the last place to check conditions is live footage from the top of the mountain. View web cams from each summit, and tune into Aspen 82’s live stream from 7:30–9:30am, where the television station reports from Aspen and Snowmass every morning.

Buckle in and enjoy the ride.

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