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Can't get enough powder? Neither can we. If you want the latest and most up-to-date snow reporting from Aspen Snowmass, take a look at our raw data feed pulled straight from our on-mountain weather stations. Updated every hour throughout the day, you can check here to find the best mid-day snowfall throughout our four mountains.

Weather Station Raw Data

Each station varies by mountain. Some stations are automated and others are manual so be aware that certain anomalies exist when interpreting the raw data. Weather sensors can sometimes be temperamental and trigger invalid results. Please be aware of these inconsistencies when interpreting the raw data.

Weather Station Locations

Curious where our snow reports are collected from? Take a look at our map!

* In order to preserve the integrity of our snow data, please keep out of all snow study areas. If you have any questions about weather stations, data, or would like to visit a site, feel free to contact Ski Patrol.

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