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Following a ski instructor on the slopes of Aspen Mountain

Guide to Lessons

Learning to ski or ride at Aspen Snowmass will have you hooked on the sport. Learn more about navigating Aspen Snowmass’ Ski & Snowboard Schools' offerings with this guide.
Following a ski instructor on the slopes of Aspen Mountain
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You can't go wrong with our Pros. We will guide you through the best terrain for your skill level and help you to advance your skiing ability while having fun.

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First Off, Know Your Level

Ski school instructor at Snowmass

Ski school instructor at Snowmass


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Green Zone Skier

We recommend lessons

Level 1: “I’ve never skied.”
Level 2:
“I can slide, slightly change direction, and come to a stop.” – Green terrain
Level 3: “I can link basic/wedge turns together without stopping on the easiest green terrain. My turns are usually all the same size.” – Green terrain
Level 4:
“I am linking turns together smoothly on all green terrain. I can make narrow and wide turns” – All green and easiest blue.

Blue Zone Skier

We recommend clinics

Level 5: “I am skiing mostly parallel in a couple different turn sizes and shapes on most blue terrain. I am beginning to use my poles and can hockey stop in both directions.” - All green terrain and most blue terrain.
Level 6:
“I am skiing parallel and confidently on all groomed blue terrain. I am exploring un-groomed trails and the easiest bumps. I usually make the same turn sizes and shapes on un-groomed trails.” – All groomed blues, easy blue bumps, easy groomed blacks.
Level 7:
“I am able to make parallel turns with a pole plant on all blue and black terrain. I am exploring un-groomed black terrain, including bumps. I can change my turn sizes and shapes for the different challenges.” – All blue terrain and most black terrain

Black Zone Skier

We recommend clinics

Level 8: “I am making different turns sizes and shapes, including rhythmic short turns and large carved turns, on all blue and black terrain (groomed or un-groomed). I feel comfortable exploring harder blacks and easier double black terrain.” – All black and easy double blacks terrain.
Level 9: “I can ski the entire mountain and am working on skiing faster, smoother, difficult lines, and learning different strategies in the hardest terrain and snow conditions.” – Entire mountain.


Find a Lesson

Green Zone Snowboarder

We recommend lessons

Level 2: “I have experienced sliding, traversing both directions, and stopping.” – Green terrain
Level 3: “I can control my speed while moving across the hill, and can stop with confidence. I am starting to turn in both directions.” – Green terrain
Level 4: “I can link skidded turns on green terrain.” – All green terrain

Blue Zone Snowboarder

We recommend clinics

Level 5: “I am confident on all green terrain and working on easy blue terrain.” – All green terrain and easiest blue terrain
Level 6: “I am riding most blue terrain, and exploring switch riding, easy bumps, and freestyle.” – All blue terrain
Level 7: “I am able to ride all blue terrain in varied conditions and working on easy black terrain, including bumps, trees, and terrain parks.” – All blue terrain and groomed black terrain.

Black Zone Snowboarder

We recommend clinics

Level 8: “I am confident performing dynamic turns on varied terrain and snow conditions, including trees, steeps and powder.” – All black terrain and easier double-black diamond terrain
Level 9: “I am confident riding the entire mountain. I am working on a variety of tactics and techniques that will take me to the next level.” – Entire mountain

Snowboard lesson at Aspen Snowmass

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Whether you're an absolute first-timer or a seasoned veteran, there are always new adventures to pursue at Aspen Snowmass — and our Ski Pros will help you unlock your potential to enjoy this sport even more. Ready to hit the slopes? Explore all of our Ski & Snowboard Lesson options and book your lesson today.

Four Mountains of Learning

All four of our mountains have a unique character to them, and because of this, they offer unique learning opportunities for our guests. Below is a round-up of each mountain, the kind of terrain it offers our guests, and a link to each mountain’s lessons page.

Additional Guidance on Lessons

Get the in-depth story on how to prepare for your lesson with these helpful tips.

Aspen Snowmass' Private Lessons

Aspen Snowmass' Private Lessons

Want to get the inside scoop on the best terrain and conditions? Take a private lesson. Not only will our Ski Pros help improve your technique, they'll show you a side of the mountain that only an insider would know.

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