We treat people the way they’d like to be treated, modeling authenticity, transparency, courtesy, respect and humility.


In business, quality, craftsmanship, guest service and athletic achievement.


Of people, profits, the environment and the community so that we are in business forever.


We live our core values and embrace life-long learning and meaningful work.

Our employees are committed to the following Principles:

  • Be fair and understanding; treat everyone with courtesy and respect

  • Communicate honestly, openly and often

  • Share a passion for excellence

  • Engage as responsible citizens of our community

  • Ensure our financial success

Aspen Skiing Company is values-driven, owned and operated by people who share a common appreciation and respect for the pristine environment in which we live.

Guiding Principles in Action

Ski patrol
Ski patrol

Practice values-based leadership with authenticity and transparency
Aspen Skiing Company restaurants switched to antibiotic and hormone free local beef despite added cost that was not passed on to guests. Created new 360 degree feedback program for all salaried employees – starting with senior staff - and implemented a mentoring program to help employee development.

Promote physical and emotional wellness
Each year, Aspen Skiing Company uses its money, time and influence to build a stronger community. Last year we donated $2 million to support child care, health care, education, the environment and athletics. We fought reductions in school funding; spent another 1,000 hours volunteering on trails, playgrounds and housing; and continued to provide one of the best health plans in the valley.

Deliver exemplary hospitality and superior guest service
Completed installation of convenient radio frequency lift access across four mountains. Installed “direct to lift” technology that allows pass-holders to bypass ticket offices; implemented a resort-charge program that lets guests use their ticket or pass to bill lessons, food, or equipment directly to their credit card. Acquisition of the Limelight Hotel added mid-range luxury to our lodging portfolio.

Be stewards of and advocates for the environment
Aspen Skiing Company allocated more than $1 million towards large-scale, energy-saving measures like new boilers at The Little Nell and several other lodges; improved snowmaking efficiency through advanced pumps and guns; and continued to implement industry-leading policies like a new ban on incandescent light bulbs. We made public comments on oil-shale development and backed local clean-energy projects like Castle Creek Hydro. Harvard Business School developed a classroom case study based on our work.

Ensure our financial success
We built on a successful extended season at Highlands, generating not just revenue but good will, national press coverage, and community spirit. In a time of energy price spikes and volatility, Aspen Skiing Company hedged fuel purchases through 2013 and continued aggressive efficiency programs that cut Aspen Skiing Company energy use approximately 5% in fiscal 2010.

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We are distinguished from others in our belief that employees should be encouraged to bring our guiding principles to life both personally and professionally, and in a way that is unique to them. Whether it is taking a ski run at lunch, volunteering for a cause close to your heart, or hiking at sunrise, we know our employees are our best ambassadors and our greatest investment. + Learn more