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Racial Justice

At Aspen Snowmass, our approach to promoting racial justice is to always continue learning; to create a more welcoming environment for all people of color; and to use our influence to promote equity.

Racial Justice and BLM demonstration in downtown Aspen, Colorado.

A racial justice demonstration in downtown Aspen, summer 2020.

When our friend Quincy “Q” Shannon visited Snowmass, he asked us how he’d know if he’d be safe in our community. Q is a Black community leader from Denver who’s also an avid skier and runs an organization called Ski Noir, which brings Black youth and community groups to the mountains.

The truth is, we didn’t have a good answer. But our conversations with him, and other Black leaders, friends, employees, and colleagues, was step one in our commitment to the fight for racial justice, and to a deeper understanding of the challenges and inequities that Black Americans—and all people of color—face on a daily basis.

We recognize that we sit on ancestral land that was once a hunting ground for the Native American Utes—and that our community is made up of a large number of Latino/a people, as well as individuals and families from all over the world.

At Aspen Snowmass, we want all people of color to feel not only welcome, but at home.
A member of the National Brotherhood of Skiers stands in a snowstorm

The Road Ahead

Getting to the place we want to be will take many changes big and small. Integrating more unconscious bias training. Hosting events like a Latino Snow and Conservation Week. Offering major financial and institutional support for organizations taking kids skiing who wouldn’t otherwise have access to the slopes Fighting voter suppression by supporting voting rights legislation like the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. And this is just the short list.  

Have suggestions for us? Feel free to submit them here. We will keep listening, learning, and doing—and we hope you’ll join us. As Black National Baseball Hall of Famer Satchel Paige said: “Ain't no man can avoid being born average, but there ain't no man got to be common.” In short: it’s on us to become a better version of ourselves. And we are up for it.