Lift Ticket Timeline

When AAM Director and Chief Curator Heidi Zuckerman first arrived in Aspen with a fresh outlook on the possibilities inherent here; she noticed the square white paper lift tickets dangling off ski jackets all around town. To Heidi, these lift tickets—utilitarian two-by-three inch cards—were an opportunity, blank canvases on which art could be presented. She approached Aspen Skiing Company with an idea for a collaborative endeavor: to invite contemporary artists to participate directly in the cultural life of the valley by creating new works for display on the lift tickets. Ever since, skiers and snowboarders on Aspen’s four mountains have worn ski passes displaying unique, contemporary, wearable art. ASC and AAM have collaborated to produce ski passes with artworks by such renowned contemporary artists as Yutaka Sone, Peter Doig, Karen Kilimnik, Jim Hodges, Carla Klein, Mamma Andersson, and Mark Grotjahn.


Paula Crown: 5 indelible works of art

As part of its ongoing Art in Unexpected Places program, Aspen Skiing Company (ASC) will feature the work of Chicago and Aspen-based multi-media artist Paula Crown. Paula Crown is a multimedia artist with a practice encompassing drawing, painting, video and sculpture. Crown rigorously incorporates cutting-edge technology, collaboration and a commitment to sustainability in her studio.

The five lift-ticket designs give a curated view into Crown’s sprawling sculptural installation, SOLO TOGETHER. Using the form of the crushed red Solo cup in the form of 150 unique hand-painted plaster sculptures, the work unpacks the symbol of all-American fun. The ubiquitous, single-use plastic cup offers an opportunity to contemplate a number of complex ideas including environmental awareness, the singular experience of togetherness, FOMO, and a consumer culture defined by abundance and optimism.

In their full form, SOLO TOGETHER’s cups stand in the absence of a party, each sculpture titled with the personality that may have created it. With titles like “Failing Out” and “Keeping Up Appearances,” a taxonomy of characters is assigned to the forms. The imagined internal and social energy is stored in the facsimile of crushed plastic. Crown points to the transference of energy that takes place as we record our presence in everything we touch. Looking toward a new generation defined by climate change, SOLO TOGETHER takes the leftover traces we make in plastic and makes them uncannily heavy underneath the bright and cheerful red coating.
Paula Crown Aspen Snowmass lift ticket art 2017-18

Paula Crown Aspen Snowmass lift ticket art 2017-18

Paula Crown Aspen Snowmass lift ticket art 2017-18

Paula Crown Aspen Snowmass lift ticket art 2017-18

Paula Crown Aspen Snowmass lift ticket art 2017-18


Laura Owens: created 11 different designs making a limited-edition series

The Aspen Art Museum and Aspen Skiing Company continue their longstanding lift pass collaboration for the 2016-2017 ski season setting Aspen apart as a unique cultural/recreational destination. In celebration of this groundbreaking partnership, the latest edition features the artwork of renowned contemporary artist Laura Owens, with 11 unique, standalone images for the 2016-2017 ski season lift ticket commission. Born in Ohio in 1970, Owens is recognized for her distinctive abstract and almost historical style—in this series using flat stylistic characterstics of Pop Art while simultaneously incorporating a vintage still life, reminding us of the power of art to pose questions and challenge assumptions.


Murakami: Created four different designs making a limited edition series


Anne Collier: created three different designs making a limited-edition series


Mark Bradford: created five different designs making a limited-edition series


David Shrigley: created six different designs making a limited-edition series


Mark Grotjahn: created five different designs reflecting the five sculptures that were created and placed on mountain


Mamma Andersson


Carla Klein


Jim Hodges


Karen Kilimnik


Peter Doig


Yutaka Sone