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Aspen Skiing Company reviews our equipment policy periodically and this policy is in effect as of October 2024. You are responsible for obeying the Colorado Skier Safety Act regardless of what equipment you chose to use. The lifts and trails are designed for use by guests on a wide variety of skiing and riding equipment incorporating an array of different binding systems. While within ski area boundaries, each guest shall have a device on their skiing and riding equipment that is capable of restraining or stopping it in the event it becomes detached from the user. The Mountain Managers retain the right to prohibit any type of equipment at their discretion.

Aspen Skiing Company prohibits skiing or snowboarding while carrying a child in a backpack or other suspension device.

Allowed without restriction on all areas:

  • Skis
  • Snowboards
  • Telemark
  • Carving Boards
  • Alpine Touring equipment
  • Skate skis
  • Snowdecks
  • Monoski
  • Monoski (disabled)—sit ski
  • Snowblades
  • Boot Skis
  • Biskis (disabled)

Restricted (with retention device that attaches to the chair lift):

  • Ski boards
  • Snowbikes
  • Bike Boards
  • Snow Scooters


  • Children in backpacks or other carrying devices
  • Mountain Bikes
  • Airboards
  • Swissbobs
  • Sleds of any type outside a designated zone