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December 15, 2023

Aspen Skiing Company maintains an open boundary on all four mountains, Snowmass, Buttermilk, Aspen Mountain, Highlands with the following exceptions: Loge Bowl (considered a study area), along with the lynx mitigation area at the bottom of Split Tree in Snowmass, and along the east/north boundary of Hero’s on Aspen Mountain. Our Resort boundaries are marked with ropes and signs. You may leave and return to the resort anywhere you choose so long as the terrain on both sides of the boundary is open. You may not exit or reenter the resort through any closed areas. All ski area services such as ski patrol end when you exit the resort, so you will need to call 911 for help.

If you choose to leave our boundary you are responsible for knowing where you are and where you are going. You may not trespass after leaving the boundary (most common below West Willow (SM), Burnt Mountain (SM), off of Richmond Ridge(AM) and Midnight(AM). You may not reenter the resort in a closed area (most common in Hero’s and The Ship’s Prow).

The Forest Service has located resort exit points at various sites along the boundary ropes. Please use these exit points if you choose to access the backcountry. As you pass through these marked exit points you will note a sign reading: “This is your decision point. Backcountry risks include death,” and is marked with skull and crossbones.

You are on your own, and responsible for all aspects of your safety in the backcountry. Backcountry rescues are conducted by the Sheriff’s Office and you may be financially responsible for your rescue. You will need to call 911 to initiate a response for rescue or help.

Patrol may close terrain within the boundary at any time. All terrain openings and closures are at the discretion of the Mountain Manager and Patrol Director. This terrain can be marked with a sign reading closed, a rope or both. Although patrol will make every effort to clearly mark closed areas, under state law you are responsible for knowing which areas are closed. Whiteouts, wind or human removal of signs or rope, coverage by snow, or the fact that other people are violating closures does not change your responsibility. Violating an in-bounds closure can result in fines up to $1,150 and loss of skiing privileges.

Aspen Skiing Company supports your right to access these public lands and your acceptance of the personal responsibilities that accompany this right. Please note that this is NOT the policy at most resorts. You are responsible for knowing the rules of the resort you are visiting.

We are passionate skiers and riders. Access this terrain with respect, knowledge and the proper equipment.

Katie Ertl

Senior Vice President, Mountain Operations

Aspen Skiing Company