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The Youngest 100-Day Skiers Ever

The Youngest 100-Day Skiers Ever

The 100-day pin is the most coveted piece of hardware for an Aspen Snowmass skier. It’s a trophy that, while small in stature, signifies an outsized achievement: 100 days skied across our four mountains in one season. It’s a feat that requires dedication, grit and strong legs. The pin eludes many of the most hardcore locals each year due to bad weather days, scheduling conflicts and logistical challenges.

Those challenges loom larger when you are three feet tall, can’t drive and have trouble getting geared up on your own. Such was the case for three intrepid young skiers who crossed the century ski-day mark and received their pins this season, aided by unusual circumstances caused by a global pandemic, and some very supportive parents.

Twin four-year-olds, James and Wallace Gorsuch, officially became the youngest 100-day skiers in history this season. The twins weren’t in school due to the pandemic, and their mom, Candace, was seeking a way to occupy their mornings, and more importantly, to wear them out for naptime.
The Youngest 100-Day Skiers Ever
With an outpost of the family business located at the base of Aspen Mountain, James and Wallace skied extensively on Ajax after a few early season days of perfecting pizza turns on Panda Peak. They were accompanied at first by their mom, who was unfortunately sidelined with a knee injury in December, or by their dad, Jeff, who could get in some hot laps prior to going to the store (after a quick strudel stop a Bonnie’s of course). The duo, who often ski in superhero capes, were motivated by the pins themselves, but also by pocket chocolates on the chair, and chasing “Power Rangers,” who spend their days disguised as Ski Patrollers and live in Ruthie’s restaurant.

To make it to 100, James and Wallace typically skied together five days a week. But due to a few days when James didn’t feel like shredding (it happens to the best of us), Wallace reached the milestone first, five days ahead of his brother. AJ, a lift operator at the Silver Queen Gondola, attempted to award them their pins together when Wallace hit 100, trusting that James would catch up. Their father insisted that James complete the days to earn the pin, which he quickly did, finishing the season at 110 total days to Wallace’s 114.

Having conquered 100 days this year the twins have their sights set on hiking Highland Bowl next year, though a post-COVID return to preschool might curtail future 100 day seasons. “If we didn’t have this perfect combination of their dad working at the base of Ajax, and having to pull them out of school because of the pandemic, this would never have been possible. It was the perfect storm,” said Candace.
Young Skier at Aspen Snowmass
100 Day Pin
Youngest 100-Day Skiers at Aspen Snowmass
Another local earning their 100-Day pin at an exceptionally young age this year was 6-year-old Kingsly Barr, who celebrated the achievement with his mom Drew, father Thom and friends on West Buttermilk this weekend. The Barr’s weren’t planning on going for 100 days at the beginning of the season, but as in-person learning shut down, the possibility of going for pins started to look like a reality around the holidays. Powered primarily by ramen noodles and suckers — Kingsly’s favorite treat — the duo have only missed three days since January 1st.

One key to the Kindergartner’s success this year was keeping things fresh. He spread his days between Buttermilk, Aspen Highlands and Aspen Mountain based on the family schedule, and split time between skis and a snowboard. He also made a point of spreading the stoke while pursuing his pin on the slopes. A paper crown that he decorated at Christmas was digitized and made into stickers which are handed out to lifties and friends on the hill. Thanks to time spent with Aspen Valley Ski Club’s snowboard program this season, Kinglsy is excelling on the snowboard, and often found ripping through Red’s Rover’s Park. When asked what was next after his 100-day season, he didn’t hesitate: “X Games!”

As rising ski superstars both the Gorsuch twins and Kingsly are on Instagram, give them a follow to see what they achieve next year.

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