Aerial Approach Disc Golf

Try your hand at one of the fastest growing sports at the top of the Elk Camp Gondola. Located in the Lost Forest, the Aerial Approach disc golf course is one of a kind. In Snowmass, you'll find the first place in Colorado to boast two 18-hole courses.

Man plays frisbee golf on Lost Forest, looking out above the valley

Summer 2024 Operating Dates

Open: Daily: June 21–Sept. 2, Weekends (Fri.–Sun.) Sept. 6–8, 13–15, 20–22, 27–29

Close: Sept. 29

You must purchase a Sightseeing Ticket to ride the gondola. When you arrive at the top of the gondola, stop by Lost Forest Headquarters to borrow some free discs.

The Aerial Approach disc golf course is located in the Elk Camp Meadows area, with the first tee near the top of the enclosed surface lift. It is easily accessed by following the gravel path past the Lost Forest Headquarters. If you have any questions, please speak with a Lost Forest employee and they would be happy to point you in the right direction.

The second, longer course is located on the west side of the mountain. To get to the first tee it takes about 30 minutes to walk from Base Village. For directions, please ask at Four Mountain Sports in the base. Participants will need to bring their own discs for this course.

Disc Golf Regulations


Please respect the pedestrians, bikers, and other participants in the area around the course. Do not throw when others are in the path of your shot.

Tee Shots

Players must throw from within the designated tee area.

Other Shots

The forward foot, at the time of release, must be placed where the disc previously landed.


Must remain within the chain area or in the basket to be good.


The player furthest from the hole is the one that should shoot or put first. Do not distract others when they are taking their throws.


Protect the environment. Please keep the area clean.
Cancellation Policy
Completely unused Lost Forest Base, or Sightseeing tickets are refundable. Lost Forest Canopy, Treeline, and Sunset Tuesday Tickets require 48-hour cancellation notice. No refunds due to weather if operations remain open. No partial refunds.

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