Single Day Camp

Plan the perfect summer one day at a time with Single Day Camp access at Camp Aspen Snowmass.

Mountainboarding at Camp Aspen Snowmass

2023 Summer Camp Dates

Open: June 5, 2023

Close: August 25, 2023

Drop the kids at the base of our largest mountain and set off on your own adventure knowing everyone is experiencing the sheer bliss of summertime in Colorado.

Our day camp programs include geocaching, on-mountain excursions, bike camps, a climbing wall, mountain skills, fishing, rocket building, mountainboarding, arts and crafts, hiking, ropes courses, the Breathtaker Alpine Coaster, and so much more.

Activity Descriptions

Lost Forest

Campers ages 9-15 head to the Lost Forest for a day of adventure on the Breathtaker Alpine Coaster, Climbing Wall, and Ropes Course. Must be at least 54in tall and 70lbs.


Campers experience mountain terrain in a new way and take to the dirt and the jumps on custom built mountainboards.

Bungee Day

Campers experience the thrill of the Bungee Jump.


Kids and teens can launch strategic campaigns in our paintball arena. Each player has washable and biodegradable paintballs to take out the opposition, and plenty of man-made and natural features to utilize. Ages 8-14.

Scavenger Day

Young adventurers explore the mountain while learning how to seek out their own cache.


Campers spend the day on-mountain exploring new trails and learning how to fish in our stocked trout pond.

Fantastic Fridays

Every Friday is designed with a new theme in mind! Themes include Super Hero Day, Carnival Day, Pirate Day, and more!

Single Day Camp Calendar

Daily camp activities vary by day of the week and by age group. Ages 3 & 4 are required to have either a Camp Season Pass or a Camp Validation Pass. Ages 5 & up may purchase daily reservations without a pass. Pricing is $182 per day.

3- & 4-Year-Olds*
Nature Day
EurobungyElk Camp Exploration
Strider Day

5-Year-Olds**Mountain Day

Cooking Day

6- to 12-Year-Olds**
or Paintball Target

or Geocaching

or Fishing

or Excursion Day

or Fantastic Friday

8- to 14-Year Olds***
Paintball or
Lost Forest

Paintball or
Lost Forest

Paintball or
Eco Art Day

Paintball or
Lost Forest

Paintball or
Eco Art Day

* 3 and 4 year olds must be potty trained. June 5–August 25 for Passholders and single-day reservations.
** 5 to 12 year old daily activities run June 5–August 25 for Passholders and single-day reservations.
*** 8 to 14 Year old daily activities run June 5–August 25 for Passholders and single-day reservations. Paintball runs June 5-August 25 and Lost Forest runs June 26-August 25.

Please view our Kids & Teens Bike Camps for single day bike camp options.

Interested in Child Care?

Camp Aspen Snowmass will be providing child care for ages 1 (walking) and 2 for Summer 2023 on a contract basis only. Please email for details. Ages 3 and up are welcome to join Camp Aspen Snowmass daily activities.

Camp Aspen Snowmass Preparation and Parent Info

Preparing for Camp

Take a look at our Parent & Guardian Information Center for everything you need to know about drop off, pick up, lunch, what to bring, and more.

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