Summer at Buttermilk

Summer at Buttermilk transforms from a family-friendly winter wonderland to some of the best, hidden mountain biking and hiking trails in the valley. It is also a popular place to get married. While we do not have summer mountain operations, there is no shortage of views and activities.

Buttermilk view of Pyramid Peak at sunset in summer

The Quiet of Buttermilk in Summer

In summer, we take a pause on operations at Buttermilk. However, since Buttermilk is located on national forest land, hiking and biking trails remain open to the public. Hike to the top for one of the best views of Pyramid Peak, or stakeout a spot to cheer on the runners and riders during the Power of Four Trail Run and Mountain Bike races.

Getting to the Top of Buttermilk

Couple of mountain bikers atop Buttermilk

Couple of mountain bikers atop Buttermilk

There are several routes hikers and mountain bikers can take to climb Buttermilk for that signature summit view. One of the most popular starts in Tiehack and traverses the mountain's lower slope before climbing more directly to the summit. You can also start at the base and take the Buttermilk Mountain Service road directly to the top.

Make Endless Memories