Parks and Pipes

For more than two decades, Buttermilk’s X Park has been home to X Games Aspen. Today, the mountain continues to win accolades from the freeski and snowboard communities for the overall diversity and quality of its terrain parks and features.

No matter how you look at it, Buttermilk’s heart—from the top to bottom—is one playful park. The mountain is lined with one terrain park after another, including the S3 Park, where our Ski & Snowboard School can help you elevate your skills off the West Buttermilk Express Lift.

Remember the SMART guidelines when riding our parks:

  • Start small
  • Make A Plan
  • Always Look
  • Respect
  • Take it Easy

Terrain Parks at Buttermilk

Red's Rover Park

Location: Red's Rover Trail and accessed from the West Buttermilk Express lift. The Gist: Red’s Rover Park consists of roughly 25 small and medium features. Inspired by the diverse flowing lines of a concrete skateboard park, Red’s features include cruisy rollers, hips and banked turns, elevation changes, and small tabletops. The jibs include flat boxes, flat rails and a variety of shaped jibs (flat downs, bonks, rainbows and mini wall ride). This is a great park for entry- and low-intermediate level park riders, far from the prying eyes of lift riders and out of the way with lots of room to breathe. Ski & Snowboard Schools. Opening Date: Mid-December (depending on conditions)

Eagle Hill Cross Course

Location: On the Eagle Hill run near the bottom of the Tiehack Express Chairlift  The Gist: Located at the bottom of some of Aspen Snowmass’ most beloved carving terrain, the Eagle Hill Cross Course adds a competition grade ski and snowboard cross track to the Tiehack experience. With small and medium sized rollers, tables, and berms, Eagle Hill builds on the beloved Midway Avenue Bank Track experience with slightly higher levels of speed and challenge. 

Main Buttermilk Parks

Location: A series of terrain parks stretching from the top of Little Teaser through Uncle Chuck’s and Jacob’s Ladder trails toward the X Games park at the bottom of the mountain. The Gist: With medium and large features for more advanced skiers and riders as well as the No. 1 superpipe—a 22+foot Zaugg-cut beast that features prominently in X Games Aspen—plus dozens of jumps, logs, banks and rails along its 2-mile, top-to-bottom length, the Buttermilk Main Park will keep you busy all day and then some.  Opening Date: Mid-December (depending on conditions) 

Teaser Park

Location: Teaser trail right off the top of the Summit Express lift.  The Gist: Much like Red’s Rover, but with a slightly larger scale, Teaser Park brings the skateboard park to the mountain with its flowy line of 10-15 medium and large-sized features ranging from urban style down rails to barrel bonks, pyramids, tabletop style jumps, and extra-wide dance floor boxes. 

Chuck's Park

Location: Uncle Chuck's Glade — also off the Summit Express (and directly below Teaser Park) The Gist: Chuck's Park consists of medium and large features. There are approximately 15 features including hidden log cabins, flat boxes and downrails, small-side hits and tree jibs, plus traffic-barrier and barrel-bonks, as well as some snow features creatively placed into the naturally-rolling groomed terrain. 

Jacob's Ladder Park

Location: Jacob's Ladder Trail - accessed off of the Summit Express lift (and directly below/connected to Chuck's Park). The Gist: This park has 12 medium and large features including two medium sized jumps, hips and a unique plaza style jib garden toward the bottom of the run. 

Midway Avenue Bank Track

Location: Midway Avenue Trail  The Gist: Whatever your skill level or choice of equipment, almost everyone can find joy and challenge in a well-executed carve on a carefully shaped berm. Midway’s small and medium features now play host to one of the most popular and accessible built-terrain playgrounds on any of Aspen Snowmass’ four mountains. Think of a flowing snake run winding, weaving, and rolling its way through mid-mountain Buttermilk before rejoining the main park line at the top of Government and Spruce trails. Continue down to Baby Doe trail to access our entry level halfpipe with gentle sloping walls and a manageable pitch perfect for the mini-shredders with big freestyle ambitions.  Opening Date: Mid to Late December

Spruce Park

Location: Spruce Trail – accessed off of the Summit Express Lift and adjacent to the X Games Slopestyle and Superpipe courses. The Gist: With a smooth flowing pitch and abundant snowmaking, Spruce Park is a hotbed of creative terrain park innovation and experimentation from both builders and riders alike. Focused on medium and large features, Spruce includes all manner of side-hits, quarterpipes, step-ups, hips, ledges, cannons, and bonks in an ever-evolving stunt ecosystem. No less an authority on terrain parks than six-time X Games Medalist Alex Ferreira, who calls Spruce “his jam.”  Opening Date: After X Games in early to mid-February

X Park

Location: Government trail - accessed off of the Summit Express lift. The Gist: This is the apex of Buttermilk's legendary freestyle terrain. X Park consists of approximately 25 large features and is home to the famous 22-foot Zaugg cut Superpipe and Slopestyle course made famous at Winter X Games. Ambitious and talented skiers and riders can test their skills against the same Slopestyle terrain as their X Games heroes, plus find hidden gems such as banked turns and rollers down the left side of Spruce on their way to the pipe. Opening Date: The X Games Superpipe opens before Christmas, but shuts down shortly after the New Year. This closure is necessary due to the prep work needed to host the ESPN Winter X Games, which are held on the same course as X slopestyle. The slopestyle course is altered only slightly before opening up to the public for the remainder of the season.

Terrain Park Etiquette

Read Signage

Always read and obey in-resort signage.

Know Your Ability

Ski and ride a park within your ability. Check signage for size of features.

Check Surroundings

Watch out for others around you on surrounding features. Never cut across a feature in the park.

Scope Features

Check out the feature first, know where the start and end is before tackling. Always clear your landing.


Make sure to call your drops and wait your turn.

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