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Whether you’re a mini-shredder attempting your first jump or a Pro perfecting your next great trick, the Snowmass Terrain Park has a new favorite feature waiting for you.

Centrally located under the Village Express and Coney Glade chairs, Snowmass has a diverse and progressive lineup of terrain elements to challenge and inspire any level of skier or rider.

The home training grounds for legendary athletes like Alex Ferreira and Torin Yater-Wallace, Snowmass has played host to some of the most iconic moments in freeski and snowboard history, from Mark McMorris stomping the first ever backside triple cork 1440 back in 2011 to Shaun White’s perfect 100 in the pipe at the 2018 Snowmass Grand Prix.

With a constantly evolving mix of rails, jumps and transitions, over 100 features in total, and constant innovations including a new 13’ transition cutter, Snowmass has earned its reputation as one of the best resorts on the planet to ride in the park.

Remember the SMART guidelines when riding our parks:

  • Start small
  • Make A Plan
  • Always Look
  • Respect
  • Take it Easy

Terrain Parks at Snowmass

Lowdown Park

Location: Lower Blue Grouse trail along Village Express Lift The Gist: Our very own introduction park, Lowdown consists of small and medium features, including a beginner halfpipe. Take Velvet Falls past Lynn Britt Cabin to the park entrance, where you’ll find small jib features (boxes and rails) and snow features ranging from banks and rollers up to small table top jumps (ranging in size from extra-small to medium). The run's gentle grade makes it easy to hike, so keep an eye out for the next generation of Aspen superstars as they work on their foundational tricks. Opening Date: Mid-December (depending on conditions)

Makaha Park

Location: Lower Blue Grouse trail along Village Express Lift  The Gist: Immediately adjacent to the Lowdown Park, Makaha offers a logical next step up the progression ladder with features ranging in size from medium to large. There are about 25 features in total, a progressive line of midsized jumps and about 15 jib features including all shapes of boxes and rails, as well as transition features of multiple sizes. Great area for learning more advanced tricks and developing your style.  Opening Date: Mid-December (depending on conditions)

Snowmass Park

Location: Below the Coney Glade Lift 
 The Gist: The Snowmass Park flows down and between approximately 40 features, ranging in size from medium to large. Be on the lookout for well-cut hip and volcano transitions, bank turns, and a constantly evolving mix of rails, boxes, wallrides, and staircases winding their way down Banzai ridge across the bridge into the jumps and hip features, where you might spot US Freeski Team athletes like Hanna Faulhaber or Cassidy Jarrell adding the next 180 to their already formidable bags of tricks. A 22’ Zaugg cut modified superpipe will challenge and delight transition riders by pushing their creativity and amplitude alike. Opening Date: First week in January (depending on conditions) 

Terrain Park Etiquette

Read Signage

Always read and obey in-resort signage.

Know Your Ability

Ski and ride a park within your ability. Check signage for size of features.

Check Surroundings

Watch out for others around you on surrounding features. Never cut across a feature in the park.

Scope Features

Check out the feature first, know where the start and end is before tackling. Always clear your landing.


Make sure to call your drops and wait your turn.

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