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Political Action for Aspen Snowmass / Aspen Skiing Company

Climate change is the greatest threat facing the ski industry, not to mention humanity. Changing light bulbs won't fix this problem; government must act.

Our number one priority is using our voice, influence and audience as a lever to drive policy change and to create the social movement to enable that change.

Below, explore some examples of our work.
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Protect Our Winters (Pow)

Aspen Skiing Company has been a longtime supporter of Protect Our Winters, the outdoor industry's trade group for climate advocacy. SVP of Sustainability Auden Schendler has served on the board since 2009. Together we have helped create an outdoor industry climate movement that is increasingly able to wield power on state, local and federal elections; POW also influences policy making at all levels. In short, POW enables outdoor enthusiasts to turn their passion into purpose.

We are so committed to Protect Our Winters that all our uniforms feature the POW logo, as a conversations starter and an educational tool.

Check out POW's latest report on how climate change is impacting the world of winter sports.

To learn more about Protect Our Winters, visit www.protectourwinters.org.

Environmental Campaigns

Give A Flake campaign ad
Over the last several years, we have made our values a central theme in our advertising. Whether it was featuring thought-leaders on climate change and accessibility in the Mind, Body, Spirit campaign in 2015–2016, or rallying for political action on climate change through the Give a Flake campaign in 2018-19, we've made our priorities known. All the way back in 2009, our Save Snow campaign was the first to call out the need for climate action to save the sport.

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Op-Eds Of Influence

Aspen Skiing Company - Op Eds
Making our opinions known in the national discourse has been a critical part of our political activism. From CEO Mike Kaplan's call to tone-down anti-immigration rhetoric in the Wall Street Journal to Senior Vice President of Sustainability Auden Schendler's many writings, we have published our opinions in America's most influential publications.

Stopping Climate Change is Hopeless. Let's Do It – by Auden Schendler and Andrew P. Jones NY Times, October 6, 2018
Climate Change: Too Many Visionaries, Too Few Grunts – by Auden Schendler

Climate Activist's Road Map

We Are Still Here, Mike Kaplan Op-Ed Aspen Skiing Company
Protect Our Winters Climate Activist's Roadmap provides you with high impact, meaningful actions.

Check our the Climate Activist's Roadmap.

Xcel's Renewable Energy Plan

Wind turbines
In 2018, Aspen Skiing Company teamed up with sister organization Alterra Mountain Co. and nonprofit partner Protect Our Winters (POW) to support a proposal by Xcel Energy to close two coal-burning power plants. In exchange, Colorado’s biggest utility would construct 1 GW wind, 600 MW solar and add 700 MW of existing, not new, natural gas power plants. This shift to clean energy would move the state from 29% renewable to 55% by 2026. In January of 2018, Auden Schendler — Aspen Skiing Company's Senior Vice President of Sustainability — provided written testimony to the Colorado Public Utilities Commission on behalf of our business as well as Alterra and POW in support of Xcel’s proposal. We explained how the decision benefits the ski industry and the environment. Read Auden Schendler’s testimony. That summer, the proposal was approved.

For more information and updates on the passage of Xcel’s plan, check out the following links:

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