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Camp Aspen Snowmass Adventures

By Christine Benedetti
Looking to enjoy a weekend full of adventure without your kids? Drop them off at Camp Aspen Snowmass for the day and get out and enjoy all that Aspen Snowmass has to offer. Camp Aspen Snowmass is ski school—for the summer. And just like ski lessons, skills will be learned, exploration will happen and memories will be made. From waddlers to 'tweeners, there’s something for all ages.
Camp Aspen Snowmass for 4 year olds

3 to 4 year olds

While you’re out on a morning hike in the surrounding Elk Mountains, your 3- or 4-year-old will be enjoying nature too. At this age, children are learning to adventure and explore. That means miniature hikes during Camp Aspen Snowmass’ nature day (Mondays). On Wednesdays, they get a chance to play in the bounce house and experience activities in the Lost Forest.

5 year olds

Perhaps you spend your days mountain biking or road cycling. Your 5-year-old will also be coasting down the mountain, but on a mountainboard. Like snowboarding in the winter, mountain boarding puts kids on a skateboard hybrid that they can use to navigate down dirt trails or paved roads. Of course, for this age, there’s some hiking and biking, and lots of swimming too.

6 Year Olds

If you find yourself spending time on the Roaring Fork River fly-fishing, your 6-year-old can also learn to cast a line. At mid-mountain Snowmass Ski Area, a fishing pond is set up for children to fish for Colorado trout. Here’s to hoping that both of you land a big one!

8 Year Olds

The Aspen area is gaining in popularity for its stellar mountain biking, so while you’re out laying down some banked turns on fresh single track, your 8-year-old can learn to do the same thing on the dozens of miles of surrounding trails.

Part of Camp Aspen Snowmass’ programming for this age involves downhill biking clinics on Snowmass Bike Park, where they’ll also be equipped with a bike and protective gear.
Camp Aspen Snowmass for 6 year olds

9 Years Old to Early Teens

Perhaps you’ll be hiking a trail or peak that’s more technical, and the skills that your teenager picks up in Camp Aspen Snowmass in the Lost Forest will prepare them to join you soon. The adventure center features ropes and obstacle courses — sometimes strung from the tree tops so the element of height plays in — that help your kids develop problem solving and technical skills, while having fun at the same time. You’ll hear such great stories that perhaps next time you’ll want to join them instead of the other way around.
Camp Aspen Snowmass Climbing Wall
Of course, just like your days in the Aspen Snowmass area, activities for children in Camp Aspen Snowmass are varied and diverse. Everyday can bring something different depending on the groups and weather. But, the guarantee is that they will be fun.

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