The Meeting 2018 Conference Speakers

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We're so excited to introduce this year's lineup of awesome and accomplished speakers. Each one brings their own unique insight to the world of social media the digital space, and impactful leadership. Keep checking for more info, and get your tickets now!

Luis Benitez portrait of Luis Benitez


Director - Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office

Luis stepped into his current role with the Outdoor Recreation Industry Office (OREC) when the agency was established in 2015 by Governor Hickenlooper. His early career was spent conducting mountaineering, climbing, and skiing courses for the Outward Bound. While Luis still guides for Outward Bound through his Endeavor Consulting Company, an even more intense occupation captured his imagination: high altitude mountaineering. Through Endeavor Consulting and other organizations, Luis has led parties of climbers to the summit of some of Earth’s most imposing peaks.

Luis’ climbing achievements are only one of many reasons why he is where he is today. He’s fortunate to have been able to transfer the fearless passion and leadership he honed in the mountains to our state’s flourishing outdoor recreation industry. The outdoor recreation industry in Colorado is responsible for over $28 billion in consumer spending and $2 billion in taxes annually. Through OREC, Luis is able to support the booming outdoor economy while also watching communities become empowered to advocate for and steward the resources that enable all of our adventurous pursuits and passions.


Global Lead, Facebook Creative Shop - Facebook

Carolyn is a career marketer and story-teller, a (somewhat retired) athlete, and mom of two. For the last 20 years, she has launched and marketed major brands, built bespoke global programs and workshops for big cities and emerging markets, directed award-winning insight-driven advertising campaigns, produced industry-altering consumer events, managed hundreds of marketing projects, and led dozens of marketing and communications teams across the globe. 

As Global Lead of Creative Shop, she is empowering the industry with new ways to build advertising ideas in the rapidly changing media, mobile and marketing world. Her team is focused on understanding how creativity is evolving by building ideas with our clients and partner agencies, establishing learnings from those ideas, and scaling them internally and externally.

Prior to Facebook, Carolyn was the Founder and President at Tadpole Marketing, consulting on marketing and project management for brands including Red Bull, Vail Resorts, Toyota, Audi, Under Armour, Gatorade, FUEL TV, Yahoo! and Telemundo.

Carolyn lives in Los Angeles, with her husband and her daughters, Stella and Cleo. She is passionate about using her talents for good, outdoors, swimming, music, empowering people and diversity and kind, compassionate, nice people.

Chris Cunningham Portrait of Chris Cunnigham


Cofounder, COO - Rylo

For Rylo co-founder and COO Chris Cunningham, an interest in photography dates all the way back to middle school, when he got his first Nikon SLR and learned how to develop film. His passion continued through his work as a software engineer at Apple, where he and his team built iPhoto for iOS. Chris left Apple to work as an iOS engineer at Instagram where he worked first on messaging then prototyping new apps. A passionate snowboarder and cyclist, Chris serves as both athlete and cinematographer across multiple action sports in many of Rylo’s earliest social media posts.

Ian Fohrman

Partner - The Pubic Works

Ian Fohrman is a Director, Photographer, and Writer comfortable with crossing genres and mediums. As a partner, Director, and photographer with his Denver based agency, The Public Works, he has created commercial work for some of the most recognized brands in the world. As a writer and photographer, Ian has climbed, skied, biked, and explored in far off destinations with world renowned athletes. He is equally at home on a grueling expedition deep in remote mountains as he is directing a crowded commercial production with a fully loaded craft services table. Ian is currently waging war against the rodent population vying for his backyard chicken’s food.

Ryan Klingman Ryan Klingman


Co-Founder - Stance

Ryan Kingman is a brand marketing executive and entrepreneur who brings over twenty years in sports, youth culture and entertainment to his career. His ability to visualize untapped opportunities and bring to life creative, marketing and partnership ideas has been game-changing for top athletes, brands, consumers and retailers.

Ryan was the Co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer for Stance, where he and the team pioneered a new approach to sock manufacturing and marketing: identifying a new category in lifestyle apparel, developing an inspirational and incentivizing athlete-investor model and growing the brand from zero to $70 million in six years. By establishing a unique marketing platform that spans a wide array of sports, cultures and communities, Stance established licensing and endorsement deals with an incredible roster of athletes, brands and performers, from Rhianna to the NBA, MLB and Star Wars. The brand’s groundbreaking success - a result of excellent products and an original approach to marketing - has earned SIMA Image Awards for Breakout Brand of the Year 2012 and Accessory Brand of the Year in 2013 and 2014; and a Cannes Lions advertising award in 2016.


Global Chief Creative Officer - Genero

“Olympic hopeful”. Andy always has and will be until the day he dies.

A slow but enthusiastic member of the Australian Ski Team he developed a love of travel getting his butt whipped in races around Europe and North America. After bumbling through college he moved to the US to work on NIKE’s marketing. He went on to senior roles at some of the world’s best ad agencies in America, Asia Pacific and Europe. Wanting a new adventure he moved to Silicon Valley where he was a Director at Apple and then spend 6 years at Facebook and Instagram in Global Marketing working with many of the world’s most valuable brands. This year he tapped in his entrepreneurial spirit and joined Genero as their Global Chief Creative Officer, an award winning end-to-end-video production platform that opens up new business opportunities for content creators. And, it’s a smarter way for savvy marketers to all the content they need these days, produced. Some of their biggest clients are Google, Airbnb, Unilever, Diageo and Facebook.

Andy loves the mountains as much as anyone. He’s also a marketing advisor to the US Ski and Snowboard team, a bunch of athletes, brands and resorts. Basically, his way to stay involved in the sport and get free stuff, while he works on realizing his Olympic dreams.

Steve Rechtschaffner Portrait of Steve Rechtschaffner


Independent Agent in service of innovation and transformation

With a cellular passion for action sports that’s influenced his perspective on creativity and innovation, Steve Rechtschaffner’s impact on companies like Electronic Arts, Swatch, Xbox Live, Jawbone, Nexon, Reebok, Propaganda Films and the US Freestyle Ski Team is a career case study in anticipating trends, catalyzing change and imagining new possibilities. Coupling his pioneering spirit with thought provoking dialogue and a healthy disregard for convention, he’s defined new categories, products and experiences in such diverse fields as video games, fashion, branded content, music, action sports, consumer electronics and wearable technology.

Today, Steve serves as a Corporate Director and Advisor. He also coaches leaders and organizations in cultivating their skills in transformative innovation through his newest venture, North Shore Coaching, based out of his adopted hometown of Vancouver, BC.

Tim Reed Tim Reed


Vice President , XGames - ESPN

Tim Reed oversees the creative development and day-to-day operation of the X Games franchise. This includes the programming, production and distribution of X Games content – both for X Games events and year-round World of X Games programming, oversight of digital and social content and direction of X Games events.

In his current role, Reed has led the development and integration of youth lifestyle elements into X Games events including music, film, photography and art experiences created to serve the youth action sports audience. Reed also led the launch of the World of X Games show which is now entering into its third full year of programming on ABC. Throughout his career, Reed has been integral to the planning and execution of over 50 X Games events around the world. A graduate of Yale University, Reed earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in History.

Nick Stagge Portrait of Nick Stagge


VP of Marketing - ExpertVoice

Nick brings more than 15-years of marketing experience to ExpertVoice. He started his career in retail, leading sales and marketing initiatives across the Western states. During his time within the retail industry he learned the dynamics of the consumer buying journey and the power of credible recommendations. He left retail to build global advocacy programs at Skullcandy and then GoPro. At ExpertVoice, Nick shares his experiences and understanding of the consumer journey to help brands bring balance back to their marketing mix and unlock the power of advocacy marketing.

TJ Walker Portrait of TJ Walker


Principal - Boombox

Canada is home to lots of adorable furry things, like bears, foxes and racoons, but it’s also home to some absolute trendsetters in the Production Game. This is a Bio about the latter group.

As Head of Production at Boombox – TJ Walker is a genuine innovator in dubious decision-making. Building a Production company solely around things that he and his team are passionately interested in, and then basing the Team in a small French Canadian mountain town (well outside typical Media hotbeds) when it comes to Live Broadcasts and digital content Boombox punches well above their weight class. Working with clients as diverse as ESPN, Red Bull, Crankworx, Activision, NBC Sports, Under Armour and Youtube the Boombox Group has spent the last decade and a half applying their production expertise to Action Sports and ESports (and back again)

Bottomline, you only have to check out them out to know that Boombox is the most relevant, sexiest, most adorably furry Production group on the Planet.



The Meeting Aspen presented by GoPro

The Meeting Aspen presented by GoPro