2020 Registration

****COVID-19 UPDATE****

Much of the info below related to race operations including check in, start/finish setup, aid stations and more has been adjusted to comply with the current government policies related to social gatherings. Please read through all the information before reaching out with potential questions.

Advance registration is required. There will be no race day registration.

UPDATE: Due to the county public health ordinance the number of racers is limited to 50 per day. The Audi Power of Four 50K will take place on August 1st and the 25K will take place on August 2nd. The 10K is cancelled for 2020.

Before May 1st
Before July 1st
After July 1st


Please stay home, isolate yourself from other family members and call your medical provider if you have any of the following COVID-19 symptoms - headache, sore throat, fever, dry cough, recent inability to taste or smell, shortness of breath, body aches, fatigue, diarrhea, vomiting or abdominal pain.

All participants and staff are required to complete an online health screen within 24 hours of the start of the event in order to participate or work
All racers are required to wear a mask at check-in and anytime less than 6' of social distancing cannot be avoided.

Participants will start in 5 waves of 10 racers each. You will be placed into corrals based on your wave at the start.

No Family or Friends are welcome to congregate at the start line, finish line or aid stations.

There will be no after race gathering or awards ceremony. Medals for top 3 overall by gender will be sent in the mail.

Staff wearing masks and gloves will distribute individually wrapped pre-packed goods like bars or gels.

Racers are welcome to bring a drop bag that will go to a halfway point. ASC will provide an outer bag for yours to be placed inside of and labeled with your bib number.

Staff are unable to refill water bottles since we cannot touch the racer bottles. Disposable cups of water will be distributed by staff that can be poured into bottles by racers.

Other Information 

Racer Bags:
Each racer will be allowed to deposit one bag at the start/finish. ASC will provide an outer bag for yours to be placed inside of. Make sure your name and bib number are clearly written on the outside of the bag. Bags will be dropped at the Rodeo Lot aid station and then returned to the finish.

Course Marking: The course will be marked with red/white striped tape and directional signage with the event logo.

Aid Stations: The aid stations will minimal offerings to decrease contact between staff and racers. Water and electrolyte mix will be given out in disposable cups that can be poured into water bottles by racers. Other basics will include items such as RX bars and Skratch Labs Energy Chews that are individually wrapped.

– Top of Aspen Mountain (2.58 miles from start)
– Intersection of Midnight Mine and Castle Creek Road (7.86 miles from start)
– Aspen Highlands Ski Patrol Headquarters (11.3 miles from start)
– Tiehack Parking Lot (17 miles from start)
- West Buttermilk Gate
– Elk Camp Restaurant (24.8 miles from start)

Cut-Off Times: To ensure racer safety we will have a cut-off at the Tiehack Parking lot. The cut-offs will noon at Tiehack parking lot and 4PM at the Elk Camp Restaurant.

Normal Mountain Operations: We ask each racer to keep in mind that Snowmass and Aspen Mountain will be open to guests as usual starting at 10am. Also Government Trail is open to the general public on race day so please be respectful of the general public on the trails and aware of other users.


· Stay on the designated trails; no short-cutting switchbacks. Those attempting to take short-cuts will be disqualified and publicly shamed.
· Headphones are permitted, but please be respectful when entering aid stations and crossing other trails. Be aware that the trails are open to the public and, in spots, cross other trails that may include cyclist, runners, hikers, etc. Please rock-out responsibly.
· If you choose to drop out please alert the nearest aid station personnel. We do not want to worry your emergency contact person!
· No littering! We have trash cans and recycle bins at each aid station. Just because it's a race doesn't mean you get to forget your manners.
· If you must relieve yourself, please use a bathroom or discretion...

Mandatory Racer Check-In

Racer check-in will be on Friday July 31st from 4pm to 7pm in Aspen Mountain's Upper Gondola Plaza and on Saturday, August 1st in Snowmass Base Village from 1pm to 4pm. All racers must check in to pick-up a racer bib. Please wear a mask at all times and maintain 6' of social distancing

All racers will be required to check in the morning of the race prior to the start. This includes those that picked up their bib the previous day. Staff will do a roll call based on wave assignment.

Parking and Transportation 

Paid parking is available near the 50K start in Aspen on the streets or the Rio Grande Garage. The Snowmass Garage at the finish line has free parking available. Free parking is also available at the Brush Creek Lot. We have arranged for an early RFTA bus to leave the Brush Creek lot at 5am heading to Rubey Park in Aspen. The first normally scheduled bus leaves Brush Creek at 5:30am and arrives in Aspen's Rubey Park at 5:48am. If you are staying in Snowmass and plan to bus this will be your best option to get to the 50K start since the Snowmass busses to the Brush Creek lot do not start running until 6am. There is limited parking at the Tiehack parking lot (25K start). There is free bus service to the Tiehack parking lot via the Castle/Maroon bus by getting off at the Aspen Rec Center stop and between Aspen and Snowmass on RFTA. Busses run continuously between the start and finish. Please check the RFTA's website for the most up to date information.