The Audi Power of Four Trail offers runners a scenic mix of trails across the mountains of Aspen Snowmass. ATTENTION: THE COURSE FROM ELK CAMP TO THE FINISH HAS BEEN ALTERED DUE TO CONSTRUCTION ON SNOWMASS MOUNTAIN


50K – 12,178 feet elevation gain / 11,632 feet elevation loss
25K – 4,918 feet elevation gain / 4,483 feet elevation loss
10K - 1,264 feet elevation gain / 2,591 feet elevation loss

50K –The challenging 50K course will traverse all four Aspen Snowmass mountains starting at Aspen Mountain and finishing in SnowmassBase Village.
50K Course Map- To download GPX file open in Google Earth or other GPS software.

25K –The 25K will start at the base of Tiehack on Buttermilk and traverse the Government trail to Snowmass Base Village.
25K Course Map -To download GPX file open in Google Earth or other GPS software

10K - The 10K course will start at a the Elk Camp Restaurant which can be accessed via the Elk Camp Gondola on Snowmass Mountain and will finish in Snowmass Base Village.THE COURSE FROM ELK CAMP TO THE FINISH HAS BEEN ALTERED DUE TO CONSTRUCTION ON SNOWMASS MOUNTAIN - Please follow all course signage

*The exact route for the 2017 courses are still subject to change

Section 1: Aspen Mountain

13.25 km (8.23 miles) / 3,811 feet in elevation gain / 3,412 feet in elevation loss.

  • Start on the west side of gondola plaza (Residence’s at Little Nell side)
  • Climb Little Nell
  • Turn left at bottom of Bell Chair to Bingo Slot
  • Up Spar Gulch to base of Ajax Express Chair
  • Follow Deer Park Trail
  • Climb Silver Bell to summit at Sundeck
  • Descent Midnight Mine Road to Castle Creek Road

Section 2: Aspen  Highlands

11.70 km (7.27 miles) / 3,600 feet in elevation gain / 3,859 feet in elevation loss 

  • Up Congo Trail from Castle Creek Road
  • Right on Grand Traverse at the top of Congo Trail
  • Left at Wine Ridge
  • Left on Summer Road up on to Broadway to Patrol HQ
  • Down Broadway (Summer Road) to Merry Go Round restaurant
  • Left on road between Merry Go Round restaurant and guest service pavilion
  • Follow road to bottom of Cloud 9 lift
  • Turn right down Memory Lane
  • Left down Summer Road from wide turn-around
  • Left on rig path off Park Ave towards Lower Stein
  • Left on Summer Road from top of Lower Stein
  • Left from Summer Road down Lower Jerome Park
  • Under bridge and right onto Thunderbowl Lane
  • Cross Maroon Creek Road onto trail

Section 3: Buttermilk

12.87 km (8 miles) / 3,176 feet in elevation gain / 1,847 feet in elevation loss 

  • From Tiehack Parking Lot follow trail up Eagle Hill
  • Continue on trail up Sterner Gulch
  • Follow trail up Ptarmigan to top of Tiehack
  • Pass Cliff House and continue up Tom’s Thumb towards top of W Buttermilk
  • At the top of W Buttermilk Lift go past warming hut out the gate to follow trail along the ridge
  • Turn right and descent trail through Sugar Bowls
  • Turn left on Government Trail and follow to Snowmass ski area gate

Section 4: Snowmass Mountain

12.46 km (7.74 miles) / 1,742 feet in elevation gain / 2,636 feet in elevation loss 

  • From Government Trail gate onto Snowmass turn left and follow Elk Camp road up a few hundred feet
  • Turn right onto Government Trail/Vista Trail and then turn left onto Vista Trail
  • Follow Vista Trail to Elk Camp Restaurant turning left behind restaurant and following road to the right around the restaurant
  • From Elk Camp Restaurant follow signage to the Espresso Trail
  • Follow Espresso (there are two locations this trail crosses roads and the trail follows the road uphill until you see signs for the trial)
  • Turn left on Cross Mountain Trail after series of switchbacks
  • Follow Cross Mountain trail past Ullrhof Restaurant (bear right after large wood bridge)
  • Continue on road past restaurant through tunnel and bear left onto Village Bound after you go through the tunnel
  • Continue on Village Bound Trail past intersection with Government and turn left on Connector Trail
  • Turn Right at intersection with Ditch Trail
  • Follow Ditch Trail to Divide Dr and continue onto Sleigh Ride Trail across the road
  • Turn left on Village Bound
  • Follow this trail down to where it intersects with the road on Fanny Hill.
  • Run down the road to the finish on Upper Fanny Hill