We are committed to protecting the environment and leading the way on corporate responsibility and sustainability. Our goals in doing so are:

• To stay in business forever. We are a ski company - we need snow to stay viable.
• To be the best employer in the world by strengthening our community, both internally and externally.
• And to lead the business world as a sustainable, responsible brand

To accomplish these goals, our priorities and main areas of focus are:

• Climate Action – advocacy and operations
• Tolerance and Diversity – LGBTQ+, immigration, gender, race, etc.
• Social Justice – education, child care, poverty and health
• Engagement – stakeholder and civic engagement and communication (employees, guests, community)

We work on these areas internally, locally, and nationally through operations overhauls, advocacy, and philanthropy.

Learn more about what we are doing to protect the environment and operate in a sustainable way on this site.