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Planning Advice from Colorado Wedding Pros

Looking for the insider scoop on how to plan an epic Aspen Snowmass "I Do"?  Check out these tips from vendors who know how to make your day unforgettable at one of our venues!

A couple is greeted at their wedding reception at Lynn Britt Cabin

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Carolyn's Flowers

"When choosing floral decor, we like to remind couples that they already have the most perfect backdrop — our incredible scenery here in the mountains! The flowers and elements that we create should complement and highlight the natural beauty rather than compete or distract from it."


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Bluebird Productions

"Craft an entire weekend experience! This doesn’t mean you need to host the entire experience, we just want you to consider how amazing Aspen Snowmass is as a destination and provide a lot of support to ensure an amazing guest experience all around. We recommend a robust wedding website and printed materials suggesting activities/itineraries and why you love these, weather and altitude tips for those not familiar with Rocky Mountain weather, and favorite restaurants and shops! Empower your guests and make it easy for them to enjoy the entire celebratory weekend."


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Tata + Luca Studio

"We always recommend booking a minimum of 8 hours, whether it's photography or video services, or both. As this will cover all the key aspects of the event date and be sure to give them enough content for an unforgettable photography gallery or a cinematic wedding film."


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"After living in the valley for almost five years, we highly recommend hiring vendors who are local to the Aspen Snowmass area. Living in a mountain town comes with variables. That's why it's best to consider local vendors who are experts in their field for helping you get the best experience for your Aspen Snowmass wedding. We also recommend reaching out and securing your vendors as early as possible."


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Coppélia Cake Design

"My tip for couples would be, don't be afraid to think out of the box. Cake inspiration can come from anywhere, even the smallest of details."


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Aesthetic Event Planning

"My main tip for coordinating in Aspen Snowmass, is to make sure to let guests know about the altitude: one drink at Altitude is equal to two at sea level. Also, to have a great transportation team, that knows the area. A great vendor team makes for a magical day."


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Jacie Marguerite Fine Art Photographer

"One tip from an Aspen Wedding photographer when planning your wedding would be to fluff and extend your wedding day timeline. This way you are able to not rush through every moment, you need time to relax and soak it all in. When it comes to photographing a small or big wedding day in Aspen, you want to take photos in more than just one location. We have the iconic downtown, on top of Aspen Mountain, lots of nearby parks, and of course all around the valley for those epic mountain views. Make sure to talk with your photographer and planner to go over all the details to make all those dream photographs come true! Another small pro tip would be to utilize the summertime sun as we get a lot more hours of natural daylight in the summer months, that sun loves to hide a lot quicker than you'd think due to our extreme mountain tops."


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The Aspen Branch

"Secure local vendors that know the area well. Plan A often has to turn into Plan B, and you need local professionals to help you. Navigating a wedding in the mountains can be a little rocky, but well worth the climb. We think it’s the most special place to start a new life together."


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Stargazed Weddings and Events

Planning of logistics is never the sexiest part of wedding planning, but it's what we do best. A flawless wedding day is a direct result of a focus on logistics, and the benefits are many: fewer delays to the schedule (which means more time on the dance floor), fewer surprise costs, and a better overall guest experience. Don't underestimate the tricky timing of uploading vendors, wedding party, and guests via a gondola or chair lift. Placing additional staff at the entrance to and exit of the gondola ensures everyone knows where to go next, and the couple doesn't accidentally run into each other before their mountaintop "first look."


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Bundles Gift Company

Don't feel like you have to conform to the "Welcome Gift Norm." This is a great moment to let you and your fiancé's interests shine. Play off your personality and make the gift a representation of things you love and what is important to you. Tell us your vision and at Bundles Gift Co., we will bring it to life.