Sunrise skins, creek-to-peak missions, and after-work Tiehack laps are woven into the fabric of who we are at Aspen Snowmass. But, as the popularity of earning your turns and uphill travel—including hiking, snowshoeing or skinning —has increased significantly across our mountains, so has the need to manage uphill access. In order to facilitate skier, hiker, and employee safety, operational management, and better communication with you about designated routes, mountain information, conditions and closures, we will be requiring an Uphill Pass for on-resort uphill access during the 2021-2022 season.
An Uphill Pass, no matter how many days you use it, will be $69, with $10 of this fee going directly to our local search and rescue organization, Mountain Rescue Aspen. The Uphill Pass is included at no charge to all Premier Passholders; they simply need to opt-in when they purchase their pass. Uphill Passholders will be required to wear an Aspen Snowmass provided uphill strap with a photo Aspen Card visible within the sleeve while participating on our four mountains.

2021-2022 Uphill Pass Pricing

All 2021-2022 season
Uphill Pass$69

Pass Policies

Subject to all terms and conditions of the pass agreement, season passes offer access to our four mountains when they are open and operating for the public. We are skiers at heart who want to ski every day we are able. However, Aspen Skiing Company makes no guarantees about season length, opening and closing dates, or that the mountains will all be open every day.

Circumstances, including snow, wind, avalanche, weather conditions, health concerns, public safety or other unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, may cause us to limit access to our mountains for a period of time. When access is limited for any reason, you may not be able to utilize your pass.


  • Uphilling is permitted daily from 5am through 10:30pm. On Aspen Mountain, uphillers must be to the top by 9am, and at Aspen Highlands to the Merry-Go-Round by 9am. Temporary closures of specific routes and/or all uphill access across the resort may occur for safety, grooming, capacity, or other reasons.
  • There may be blackouts due to early season snowmaking and mountain preparation, avalanche, crowding, events or other issues that will be communicated via email, social media and on the Aspen Snowmass website.
  • Uphill passes are $69, with $10 of this fee going to Mountain Rescue Aspen. The Uphill Pass is included at no charge to all Premier Passholders, but they must opt-in to receive it.
  • A pass is required for all uphilling activities (skiing, walking, snowshoeing) including Full Moon Dinners and Social Breakfasts.
  • A signed waiver on file is required for all season passholders.
  • The same pass is required for both a single day and entire season.
  • An uphill strap with a sleeve for your season pass is required while uphilling and can be acquired at a ticket office.
  • Dogs are not permitted on any mountain during ski area operating hours (7:45am-4:45pm). The privilege of allowing dogs on the ski areas outside of operating hour may be eliminated if we experience continued incidents.
  • Uphilling is permitted only on designated routes.


2021-2022 Uphill Passes are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

On-Mountain Policies

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