Alpin Room

Approachable, yet refined, the Alpin Room’s cuisine is a subtle, flavorful handcrafted reimagination of Alsatian home cooking. Come experience a taste of France tucked away in the heart of Snowmass.

Sample menus items from the new Alpin Room in Snowmass.

Hours of Operation


Dates of Operation

Open: December 13, 2022

Close: April 2, 2023

Alpin Room will be closed on Mondays.
Cuisine: Alsatian
Location: Snowmass, atop the Alpine Springs Lift
Serves: Lunch

Closed for the summer season 2023.

The Alpin Room—situated at 10,486 feet at the top of the Alpine Springs lift on Snowmass—invites you to experience a fresh approach to Alps-inspired cuisine in a high alpine setting. Surrounded by mountains, settle in for a dining experience that matches comfort with sophistication and offers French, Swiss, and Austrian fare infused with modern touches.

Embark on a soulful, scratch cooking adventure with a modern take on classic dishes like the French onion soup, choucoute garnie, chicken schnitzel, or potato and caramelized onion fondue “tartiflette.” With giant windows wrapping around the dining space, Alpin Room invites the mountain landscape in, brimming with natural light and ambiance. Pair your leisurely, afternoon meal or light lunch with regional wines, craft cocktails, or a crisp brew—and polish off the occasion with something sweet, like a handmade Alsatian-style beignets, Black Forest cake, or carrot cake—an ode to the space’s former eatery, Gwyn’s.