Mountain Bike Rentals

If you're planning to explore the many cross-country mountain bike trails in the area, a mountain bike is probably the right bike for you. Learn more below.

Lighter than downhill bikes, mountain bikes will save you some extra work while you're climbing uphill between downhill sections, allowing you to get more out of your day and your legs!
Mountain bikes are not intended for use in Snowmass Bike Park and pads are NOT included. If you're planning a day at the bike park, you may be looking for a Downhill Bike Rental instead.

Mountain Bike

Half Day Mountain Bike Rentals Starting at  $89.95 | Full Day Mountain Bike Rentals Starting at $109.85

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Browse a selection of mountain bikes available at Four Mountain Sports. Selection is based on availability at individual store locations and is not a complete list. Visit one of our rental locations to make a walk-in booking. Available on first-come, first-serve basis.

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