Around here, few people know the terrain of Buttermilk better than Mike Kaplan, our President and CEO. Because of its easy access, the mountain is like a second office for him.

"Yes, I've had meetings on the Summit Express lift before," he confides.

"Buttermilk is amazing ... You can get from the bottom to the top in one chair ride, and right away, there is the view of Pyramid Peak ... it is always breathtaking."

So when an overnight storm dumps inches of fresh powder, where does Mike like to ski on Buttermilk? We asked him, and he outlined this game plan.

Next ...

"Stay in the Tiehack section and hit Tiehack Trail, staying to skier's left where it’s never groomed and seldom skied.

Two-thirds of the way down, cut far right to the trees between Javelin and Tiehack Trail. Most people start heading for the runout when there is still plenty of good terrain and untracked snow on the lower sections.

Go back up and do one classic on Racer's Edge. Usually, I'll hang along the fence line to skier's right because its such a nice view. There is a little stash you can get to about two-thirds the way down Racer's Edge on skier's right, look for the herring bone tracks where patrollers have stepped up the little rise to access more powder. As you drop back into Racer’s Edge, stay left where it’s super steep and the grooming remains untouched for days.”

Buttermilk Powder Day ... Then
Buttermilk Powder Day ... Then

Then ...

“Take the Tiehack Express all the way back up to work the main part of Buttermilk. The trees between Friedl's and Savio are quite good. Then take the run-out just above Lover's Lane — and what the Ski School calls "The Toilet Bowl" — and hang right onto Homestead Road. Just before you reach the lift, there are some cuts to the left that drop down into Lover's Lane. They're short, black diamond, but don't really have a name. Then savor the cruisers on Midway Avenue, and ski some of the cross course and banked turns to the bottom. You can pretty much hit any of the tree areas between runs on upper Buttermilk, but watch out for the kids trails, no adults allowed!”

Buttermilk Powder Day
Buttermilk Powder Day

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