When she isn’t at home in Aspen — or at her surfing escape in Baja, Mexico — the World, U.S. and South American Extreme Skiing Champion skier, Kim Reichhelm can be found on the slopes hosting adventurous, fun and life-changing ski camps.

She has skied with the U.S. Ski Team and the Women’s Pro Tour, as well as making numerous television appearances talking “ski,” including Late Night with David Letterman, Dateline NBC, as well as being a frequent commentator and host for ESPN, FOX, OLN and Resort Sports Network. Kim was recently named by SKI magazine as one of the “Top Most Influential Skiers of All Time.”

When asked how Kim stays in ski shape during the summer, her answers may surprise and inspire you:
Kim Reichhelm Headshot
Kim Reichhelm Headshot

“My workouts have to be fun, so I’m constantly looking for ways to keep things new and interesting. I like to be outside as much as possible, utilizing my environment to make exercise enjoyable and motivating. I’m on the water several hours every day, surfing, stand up paddle boarding, swimming and kitesurfing. All of these sports make me very sore. So I start each day with a light stretch and yoga routine. I don’t follow any one program but I use a variety of what I have learned from years of being an athlete. Each afternoon I plan a workout, picking one or two muscle groups. Today I’ll do legs, tomorrow shoulders and back, the next day arms. Rotating through the muscle groups allows me to work out every day while letting some muscles recover. Abdominals are an everyday thing. As much as I hate them, when my core is strong I ski much better. I figure anything I do is better than nothing. If it feels good, do it.”

Kim’s Favorite Leg Exercise:

Beach lunges, walk for several miles and do lunges along the way.

Kim’s Favorite Arm Exercise:

Pull-ups: Pull-ups are difficult but impressive with results.

Cardio with Kim:

Spin bike: Spinning is gentle on one’s body, which is a great balance to Kim’s other main sports: skiing and surfing.

Kim’s Favorite Stretch:

Morning yoga — or anything that feels good to loosen sore muscles and lubricate your joints.

Kim’s Favorite Tools:

Fit ball, bands and cords.

Kim’s Favorite Weight:

Her own body weight.

Kim’s Favorite Hydration:

Chia seeds in water.


Kim keeps it healthy, light and balanced in the nutrition department. In the morning she eats fruit or a fruit smoothie and snacks on nuts and dried fruit, with dried blueberries being her favorite. Whenever possible, she eats the biggest meal mid day. Kim cooks healthy to stay healthy, she likes to barbecue veggies on the grill, including cauliflower, beets and asparagus.
Salad for extreme skiers
Salad for extreme skiers

“I always have some kind of beans cooking on the stove or in a crockpot. Lentils are the best — top them with fresh avocado, tomatoes and cilantro. At night, I eat light and have a simple dinner — an apple and cheese or a salad,” Kim says with a smile.
The best way to stay in ski shape in summer according to Kim, is to ski in the summer! Kim’s pick is to ski with her in Portillo or Las Lenas in Chile.

Published August 2018

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