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POW advocacy team at the capital lobbying for climate policy

Photo credit: Iz Motte


What’s the role of business in a climate-changed world? It has to be more than changing light bulbs and recycling (though we do that, too) because small actions can’t solve the magnitude of the climate problem. Instead, we need to respond with solutions that address this global challenge. With the introduction of our new uniforms, we’re wearing our values on our sleeve.

Walter Paecpke founded Aspen Skiing Company, and reinvented Aspen as a place where people could escape their usual lives, be exposed to new ideas, and go back into the world inspired to help create a better society. Putting POW (Protect Our Winters) on our uniforms is an extension of that idea.

POW’s mission is to engage the snowsports community in the fight against climate change. Our partnership with POW folds the company into this effort, sparks conversations with guests and among employees and helps drive momentum in the climate movement.

We’ve been partners with Protect Our Winters (POW) since the climate nonprofit was just two dirtbags in a garage. Today, the nonprofit has grown into a powerful organizing force for climate action, with alliances of athletes, scientists, brands, and creatives. We have momentum and now we need a volume of people to make our voices heard. Which means we’re ready for you.

By joining Team POW, you’ll become part of the thousands of skiers, hikers, bikers, and everyday outdoors people pushing for climate action. You’ll get tools to talk about climate, access to POW events and advocacy opportunities, and, of course, some pretty sweet merch discounts. More importantly, you’ll be part of a mass mobilization of outdoor enthusiasts pushing to protect the places we love.

As of January 2024, all Aspen Snowmass passholders and lift ticket purchasers will receive a membership to POW, loaded with benefits and easy-to-access opportunities to participate in impactful advocacy. So, if you ski Aspen Snowmass (or anywhere, frankly), it’s time to join the climate movement and take 30 seconds to activate your membership on the team.

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Skier with POW logo on jacket loading gondola