Local Legend Jayne Gottlieb

Local Legend Jayne Gottlieb Faces of Aspen Snowmass

At the heart of Aspen Snowmass is the Aspen Idea: the underlying, guiding principal that integrates the nourishment of mind, body and spirit. Between Aspen Snowmass’ four mountains, backcountry and wilderness access, and thought-provoking events like the Ideas Festival and Aspen U Series, locals have a wealth of tactics at their fingertips to accomplish a healthy mind and body.

But nourishing the spirit—that’s harder to pin-point.

That’s where Jayne Gottlieb, founder of and instructor at Aspen Shakti, steps in with an energy and a presence that is instantly lifting and fun. Jayne embraces spirituality and mindfulness through her yoga classes to challenge and encourage her yogis from the inside-out, on and off the mat.

In addition to instructing classes at her studio in Aspen, Jayne can be found every day at 10:30am teaching yoga and meditation at the top of Aspen Mountain. She says she loves that these classes show you how big you are and how small you are, in one of the most beautiful settings Aspen has to offer.

Jayne relentlessly provides spiritual nourishment in Aspen Snowmass and beyond by also running workshops and sessions for professionals looking to manifest creativity and consciousness into dynamic leadership. In her personal statement Jayne says, “My work is about using passion, skills in connecting creatives to one another, body intelligence and my experience of using business to change my entire life to open up my client’s access to their own intelligence, genius and infinite well of creativity.”

In permeating yoga and meditation throughout Aspen Snowmass, Jayne has found her calling and helps elevate others to find their own. From CEO’s to ski bums, her aim is “to invite her students to realize that personal growth is not only powerful and self elevating, but also has the potential to be fun and joyfully integrated into everyday living.”

Published on September 2017

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