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How Aspen Snowmass Employees Give A Flake

Aspen Snowmass Give a Flake

Being an employee of Aspen Skiing Company means more than having a job you’re proud of, it’s a chance to be part of a community that stands for something. Fighting climate change, promoting sustainability and advocating for equal rights are just a few of the areas where our employees Give A Flake. Dig a little deeper below;
Aspen Snowmass Give a Flake: Susan

Susan Cross

Snowmass Mountain Manager

I do my share for the environment by composting at home and work, planting a huge garden to have my own farm to table dinners. Commuting by bicycle as much as I can, reducing waste and consciously making good decisions to improve the things I do that effect the environment. I try to promote such activities to colleagues and staff and feel I am successful in making an impact if just one person makes some change in their everyday life inspired by my actions. I am a steward of the outdoors by actively participating in various activities as well as being on the Board of Directors of Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers. This is important to me to maintain the example my mother set for me, volunteering and always giving back to community. Coming from Massachusetts I am grateful to now be part of the community here, and I challenge myself to give back in order to not take things for granted and to stay grounded.
Aspen Snowmass Give a Flake: Henrietta

Henrietta Oliver

General Manager – Mountain Dining

I care about the quality of education within our community; originally I got involved in education in the Roaring Fork Valley (RFV) system due to having my own kids in the local RE1 school district. However, since then I have spent volunteer time helping to improve the school district to benefit the entire community of mid-valley residents in the RFV. This work has given me and my children friends for life and hopefully advanced education quality for many of the children of Aspen Skiing Company (ASC) employees and others within the valley. One of the benefits that has had a direct impact on my family was the decision by ASC to help fund the Aspen Foundation college counselors program, this is now in Basalt and Carbondale making a positive difference on college or career decisions made by high school students. All this makes for healthy schools and I believe that healthy schools make for a healthy community.
Aspen Snowmass Give a Flake: Liz

Liz Rovira

Public Relations Manager

I Give a Flake about climate change and sustainability. Whether it’s on a minor scale like turning off lights or walking to work every day or on a larger scale like advocating for policy change, working with different organizations to stand together and be influencers or working with our internal sustainability team to brainstorm on new ideas, I care. I’m proud to work in a company that values not only its employees but the community, ski industry as a whole, climate change around the world, U.S. policy change, etc. and our business leaders are not afraid to take a stance to try and make a difference. With our political landscape, melting icecaps and world heating up year over year, I feel it’s more important than ever to stand up, encourage people and businesses to fight up for what’s right and act as an advocate for my beliefs.
Aspen Snowmass Give a Flake: Caleb

Caleb Sample

I Give A Flake about Men’s health issues. I’ve had many friends and family members whose lives have been affected by mental health issues and cancer. I have taken part in raising awareness by growing moustaches and organizing fundraisers for the last 14 years to advocate for issues surrounding prostate and testicular cancer as well as suicide awareness. From honest conversations with my friends, to random encounters in line at the supermarket, it’s all in the name of improving awareness about health issues in the community. I’m proud to work for a company that allows my colleagues and I to focus on our mind, body, spirit and allowing us get out and enjoy nature, thereby lowering the risk of mental and other health issues.
Aspen Snowmass Give a Flake: Regan

Regan Hann

Digital Marketing Manager
I Give A Flake about public lands and sustainability. In my spare time I serve as Vice Chair of the board for Roaring Fork Outdoor Volunteers. RFOV’s mission is to promote stewardship of our public lands by engaging the community in volunteer trail and restoration projects. This is important to me because, like most people living in our valley, public lands are a huge part of my life. I hike, bike, run, ski, and, as an Aspen Skiing Company employee, even work on public land, so my life quite literally depends on it. I feel more strongly than ever that I need to put my money where my mouth is, and contributing my time to RFOV makes me feel like I’m doing something to preserve the landscape and recreation areas I care about.
Aspen Snowmass Give a Flake: Melissa

Melissa Resutko

QA Support Analyst

I Give A Flake about the Roaring Fork Watershed, which supplies over 40 million people in the southwestern US. I honor its importance by volunteering with the Roaring Fork Conservancy, an organization dedicated to protecting our waters. Constant reminders of our watershed’s vitality pervade my daily life. Brush Creek is in my backyard and I get to hear it rush by as it rises in the spring with the post-ski season snowmelt, and slow to a trickle – freezing over come fall. At work, I am a short walk to the confluence of the Frying Pan and the Roaring Fork Rivers, where I spend my breaks in the summertime. On days off, I often recreate on the Fork and the Pan or at Ruedi Reservoir. I am grateful to live and work in a community that shares my values in both protecting and celebrating the outdoors.

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