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4 Hours To Vote

Aspen Snowmass, Colorado

The midterm elections are on November 6, 2018. Have you made plans to get to the polls? With so many issues at stake, it has never been more important to make your voice heard and show up to vote.

Think your vote doesn’t count? Think again.
Here at Aspen Skiing Company, our leadership has made it abundantly clear that voting should be a priority for us as individuals and also as a company. Below is a letter to staff from our CEO, Mike Kaplan, not only encouraging employees to get out and vote but giving them 4 hours of paid time off to get it done. We're sharing his letter with the hope that it might inspire you to get out to vote too.
Mike Kaplan speaking at an event in Aspen, Colorado
Dear Fellow employee:

As you probably know Election Day is 11/6/18, and mail-in ballots are going out on 10/15. I’m writing because I cannot recall a time when it was more important to vote than it is today. We’re facing a pivotal moment when it comes to doing the right thing by our planet and in setting a course for our country. Yet, historical statistics show that only 40% of eligible voters will turnout for this midterm election. This is a real threat to our democracy and we feel so strongly about it, we made a video which you can watch here: Why Your Vote Matters

To ensure you have time to vote and to even motivate you to vote early, the entire company is getting 4 hours of paid time off on Election Day. Hopefully you’ll mail your ballot in well before then and take that time to ride, ski, or sleep in!

Finally, this is an admittedly long and complex ballot, so being an informed voter requires some research. Below is some information on some of the key ballot questions. To be clear, nobody is asking you to vote in any particular way or telling you how to vote.

As always, I’m happy to discuss any of this with you, feel free to reach out via email or phone.

Mike Kaplan

Whether your favorite color is red or blue, voting is a crucial part of your civic duty. We encourage you to join us at the polls this election day and make your voice heard. If you have questions or are looking for resources, take a look at our voting guide for more information. We'll see you at the ballot box!

Voting Guide

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