Four Mountains to Uphill

Earn your turns on your next ski day. Uphilling has become synonymous with Aspen Snowmass, it's an important part of our valley’s athletic culture, and we love to share the fun with others. For those of you who just can't get enough time on the slopes and want a unique on-mountain experience, uphilling is a great workout with a sweet reward.
What is uphilling, you might ask? Uphilling, also referred to as alpine touring, is the act of traversing up a mountain on skis or a split board with specialized equipment including skins (the sticky coverings on the bottom of skis) and specialized alpine touring bindings.
All four mountains of Aspen Snowmass accommodate uphill skiers with designated routes to ensure safety as well as a scenic and enjoyable route to the top. Learn more on each mountain's uphill page.
Know before you go: This is a unique year so we have some unique uphilling policies as well. New this year, uphillers will need to remain on designated, signed routes during all operating hours. In addition, no uphilling will be allowed during holiday blackout periods of December 26, 2020–January 2, 2021 and February 13 - 15, 2021. Closures on the designated routes may be possible during heavy use times to address capacity challenges and because of other safety concerns. If we all adhere to and follow limitations during holiday blackout periods and peak times, this will help ensure that we can all keep uphilling and skiing through the entire ski season. Click on each mountain's uphill policies below to view the full list of policies for each mountain before you get out on the hill.

Uphilling Policies

Uphill policies have been updated for the 2020–2021 season and vary by mountain. Please refer to individual mountain policies below for rules and regulations for this winter.

Uphilling Routes

Distance, vertical climb, and difficulty vary by mountain and by route. Know before you go!

  • Sam's Knob Route | Fanny Hill to TOV headwall/Dawdler to Lower Velvet Falls to Upper Velvet Falls to midstation of Village Express Lift to Coney Glade Trail to Banzai Ridge to Sam’s Knob | 2,173 feet of elevation gain
  • Elk Camp Route | Base Village to Funnel to Elk Camp Restaurant: 1,368 feet of elevation gain
  • Two Creeks Route | Cascade to top of Funnel around Causeway to Elk Camp Restaurant
  • High Alpine Route | Fanny Hill to McNamara Ridge to Coffee Pot to High Alpine Restaurant
Aspen Mountain
  • Aspen Mountain Route | The Little Nell to Bingo Slot to Spar Gulch to Deer Park to Silver Bell to Sundeck Restaurant: 3,267 feet of elevation gain
Aspen Highlands
  • Aspen Highlands Route | Jerome Bowl to Park Avenue to Memory Lane to Merry Go Round Restaurant: 1,950 feet of elevation gain. Please note: If you arrive at MGR prior to 8:30am, you may continue up the route to the top of Loge if you wish. If you are not to MGR before 8:30, uphilling access is not allowed beyond MGR.
  • Main Buttermilk Route | Buttermilk Base to Columbine to Midway to Ridge Trail to Cliffhouse Restaurant: 1,842 feet of elevation gain
  • Tiehack Route | Eagle Hill to Ptarmigan to Cliffhouse Restaurant: 1,683 feet of elevation gain
  • West Buttermilk Route | Teaser to the bridge, under the bridge, and up to Ridge Trail to CIiffhouse Restaurant: 1,027 feet of elevation gain

Uphilling Trail Maps

Snowmass Uphill Trail Map, Snowmass Village, Colorado

Snowmass Uphill Map

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Aspen Mountain Uphill Trail Map, Aspen, Colorado

Aspen Mountain Uphill Map

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Aspen Highlands Uphill Trail Map, Aspen, Colorado

Highlands Uphill Map

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Buttermilk Uphill Trail Map, Aspen, Colorado

Buttermilk Uphill Map

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Pro Tip: Check uphill route status in the Aspen Snowmass App

Before you head out for a lap uphilling, check the Aspen Snowmass App to view whether your uphill route is open that day. During operating hours, the designated uphilling routes will be treated much like a ski trail with an open or closed sign signaling if access is available at that time. You can check the status in the app under Mountains > Groom Report > Select Your Mountain > Uphill Routes. "O" indicates your route is open. Climb on!

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Uphilling events

Whether you're a casual uphiller or a competitive athlete, join us for one of our uphilling events.

UpHilling SKI Gear

Gear up for your next uphill experience with Four Mountain Sports, the official retail shops of Aspen Snowmass.

We are now offering uphill equipment for sale from Salomon and Black Crows, Technica and Marker at our Alpine specialty locations. For expert assistance contact our any of our convenient alpine specialty locations:

Aspen Highlands
Snowmass Mall
Snowmass Base Village

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Uphilling Lessons

Uphill Locals Clinic
Uphill Locals Clinic


This one day uphill clinic is designed to introduce participants to the joy of experiencing the mountain from the bottom up! Guides will share tips and proper use for: boot/binding interface, clothing/layering, hydration and nutrition for uphill fitness, putting skins on/off the skis or splitboards, walking uphill at a reasonable pace, proper routes and ski area rules for up-hill traffic, transitioning to downhill mode, and enjoying the ski or ride down!

Dates: 2021 Dates will be announced shortly
Location: Buttermilk / Tiehack
Meeting time & location: 10am base of Buttermilk
Pricing: Check back soon

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Uphill clinic Aspen Snowmass
Uphill clinic Aspen Snowmass


Want to learn more about uphilling? You can arrange for an Uphill Private Lesson (inbounds) with one of our expert uphill Pros. Instructors will share tips and proper use for: boot/binding interface, clothing/layering, hydration and nutrition for uphill fitness, putting skins on/off the skis, walking uphill at a reasonable pace, proper routes, etiquette and transitioning to downhill mode. Participant must be an intermediate or above skier and should be acclimatized and feel aerobically comfortable with hiking uphill in the high altitude mountain environment. Advance uphill private lesson reservation and payment are required.


Advance Purchase: $865
In-Resort: $920
Peak In-Resort: $990

Equipment is not included in the private lesson rate and can be purchased at select Four Mountain Sports Locations.

To Reserve: Please call 877-671-1574 at least 48 hours in advance to check on availability and to make your Uphill Private Lesson Reservation.

Participant Requirements:
Participants must be 18 years of age or older. Participant must be an intermediate or above skier and should be acclimatized and feel aerobically comfortable with hiking uphill in the high altitude mountain environment.

Colorado Search and Rescue

Colorado Search and Rescue Logo
Colorado Search and Rescue Logo

While Pitkin County does not charge for search and rescue, you may want to consider purchasing a Colorado Search and Rescue Card to support Mountain Rescue Teams across the high country. Cards are $3 for one year, $12 for 5 years.

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