The Town Race Series presented by HEAD skis kicks off its 38th season on January 13th as the longest running town race series in North America!

The series consists of three giant slalom competitions and three slalom competitions spread throughout the winter. The race series will be scored both on an individual, and a team basis. There will also be a family class, which will challenge the parents and their children to spend time in gates together on the race days.

Both the Recreational and Advanced Division will be racing together on the same course.
Coldwell Banker Mason Morse Town Race Series at Aspen Snowmass
Coldwell Banker Mason Morse Town Race Series at Aspen Snowmass


Entry fees

Adults: $35 per race / $175 for six races
Juniors: $10 per race / $60 for six races
Team: $850 per team of six for the whole season ($125 added foreach additional team racer)

Note: Racers of all ages are welcome and can race as individuals or form a team of six.

Speed Series

The Town Race Series will also be offering speed events that consists of the BOOTech Super Combined SG/SL on (March 25) on the Golden Horn and Thunderbowl runs at Aspen Highlands. Please contact race organizers on requirements and fees to participate in this event.

Event Partners

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Advanced League

The Advanced League is designed for the more experienced ski racer. Competitors include former national team, collegiate racer’s, Masters racers as well as seasoned skiers interested in pushing their skiing to the next level. Scoring consists of taking a team’s three top class points from each race. The classes a team can consist of are: Men’s A, Men’s B, Women’s A, 60+, 50+, 40+. If there is a tie at the end of the season we will use the fastest cumulative team time from the top finishers in the classes.

Race day registration for Saturday day races will be at the bottom of the escalator at the Aspen Highlands from 8:00-9:00 am. The races will begin at 10:30.

Race start order:

Slalom:Adaptive, Kids Rec, Women’s A, Men 60+, Men 50+, 40+, YAW, YAM, Men’s A, Men’s B
Giant Slalom:Adaptive, Kids, Rec, Women’s A, Men 60+, Men 50+, Men 40+,YAW, YAM, Men’s B, and Men’s A
The second run will be reversed within each class.

Recreational Division

The Recreational Division is designed for beginning level ski racers and families. Competitors include children, women, men, and visiting NASTAR racers interested in making friends, having fun and getting better! Scoring is based on the best of two runs that you will take on each course and the three single fastest times for the team results.

Family Division

The Family Division will be scored by taking the single best time from a child and a parent for their Family team score.