April 15, 2018

Schneetag is the German word for "snow day." Put simply, it translates as "daredevils willing to propel themselves down a hill, over a jump and across a pond on a craft they built themselves." This hilarious event is one not to miss. The 10th annual Schneetag event (pronounced Sch-knee Tog) invites teams of four to create a craft that they will pilot down a slope and attempt to float across a pond. Every team has a theme and will perform a skit before they descend. This event is just as ridiculous and entertaining as it sounds. 


Essential Information

  • Hosted at Snowmass
  • Entry is free.

Team Guidelines

Teams of four are invited to create a craft and attempt to sail across the pond. Each team performs a skit before their run and was judged on their costume theme, creativity and flight distance of their craft.

The craft must be entirely human powered with no external energy sources. The craft must be less than 8 feet wide and weigh less than 400 pounds, including the pilot. Each team will pick just one member to fly their craft across the pond.



    The top 3 teams will get to chose their prize out of the options below starting with the 1st place team.

    2018 Prizes Coming Soon

    2017 Prizes
    Music Package - 4 Belly Up tickets of $50 value, $250 bar tab
    Beach Cruisers - 4 Budweiser branded beach cruisers
    Skis and Bindings - 4 pairs of HEAD skis and Tyrolia bindings

    More Information

    Please contact Brendan Collins for more information.


    Public transportation is highly recommended. Below is a RFTA bus schedule for closing day. Please party responsibly and take the bus if you have been drinking.

    RFTA Schedule