Bumble Powder 8 Championship

February 8 - 9

Aspen Mountain will play host to the first ever Bumble Powder 8 Championship! This February 8 - 9 the Bumble Powder 8 Championship will feature a friendly but competitive two-day elimination format, ultimately culminating in an eight-team final on day two. The winner of the 2019 Bumble Powder 8 Championship will receive a $10,000 cash prize!

The Bumble Powder 8 Championship is open for registration to alpine ski enthusiasts and professionals with an expert level of experience. Teams who submit their applications will be evaluated by a professional judging panel, with the most competitive 32 teams being selected.

Bumble will host viewing stations on Friday February 8, at Bonnie's. Then watch the finals on February 9, with a live-streamed gathering at the bottom of Aspen Mountain in the Gondola Plaza featuring food, cocktails, music, and entertainment for fans to take in the action all day, coming at you via drone on large jumbotrons!

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Bumble Powder 8 championship logo.
Bumble Powder 8 championship logo.