Aspen U Speaker Series
Becoming Pattie Gonia | January 29, 6pm-7pm | Limelight Aspen

You may think you’re duct-tape-tough. You’ve hiked before, you’ve dealt with blisters and bruises. But you ain’t seen nothing yet, because you haven’t rocked six-inch heels in Yosemite. Pattie Gonia, “the world’s first backpacking queen,” is taking Instagram, and the outdoor recreation world, by storm. In keeping with Give a Flake’s LGBTQ+ pillar, we’ve invited Wyn Wylie, Pattie without her heels, to speak at ASC. Come learn about inclusion in outdoor recreation, how Pattie came about, and Wyn’s progress as a professional photographer and climate change advocate. January 29th, 6pm, LLA Monarch room. Beverages and conversation to follow.

Pattie Gonia was created when Wyn Wiley, a Nebraska-based professional photographer, combined a love for the outdoors with a passion for LGBTQ+ representation. Pattie first entered the world in fall 2018. Her first video was taken at 10,000 feet, warm in mother nature’s embrace deep in the Never Summer Wilderness. This first video reached 20 million views on Facebook and Instagram combined. Ever since, Pattie has been strutting for LGBTQ+ awareness, prancing around and spreading self-love across social media, and dancing the peaks between masculinity and femininity.