At Aspen Skiing Company, we depend on a healthy environment — clean air, stable climate, and a healthy ecosystem — for our continued business success. Our ultimate goal is sustainability, which means we do not degrade the environment, enabling us to stay in business forever. To this end, we promote and invest ourselves in:

  • Greenhouse gas reductions and support for government policies that address climate change
  • Renewable energy procurement and energy efficiency
  • Sustainable design and construction
  • Water conservation
  • Habitat conservation, wildlife protection and weed management
  • Resource efficient transportation
  • Solid and hazardous waste reduction
  • Community activism and environmental education
  • Working with our suppliers to reduce waste and increase green product purchases
  • Influencing industry and government toward progressive environmental policies
We will promote pollution prevention to meet or exceed all applicable federal, state and local environmental laws and regulations, and we will verify our performance through periodic conformance and compliance audits.

We will remain responsible stewards of our mountain environment through continuous improvement of our environmental performance, and we will continue to share information and work together in a forthright manner with our community.

We commit to maintain our position as an environmental leader in the business world and remain an outspoken proponent of environmental protection.
Mike Kaplan signature
Mike Kaplan Signature

Mike Kaplan

President & CEO
Aspen Skiing Company