Return Transformed

Aspen Skiing Company was created in part by 10th Mountain Division veterans who had returned from fighting fascism in World War II. They came here to heal themselves, with skiing as a principal salve. With his Aspen Institute, Walter Paepcke had a parallel vision: Make Aspen a place to take you out of your usual life, expose you to new ways of thinking through art, culture, science, music and conversation, and send you off to repair the world. This idea is the core of Aspen Skiing Company’s purpose statement: Inspire journeys within to advance possibilities for all.

In that spirit, we see our business not just as part of the economy, but as an agent for positive change in the world. We have long used the power and leverage of Aspen to drive progress on equity, justice, the environment, and climate change. We believe that racial justice and LGBTQ rights matter, that climate change is the challenge of our time and requires large-scale, government remedies, and that many seemingly political issues are inextricably intertwined with business.

We are a values-driven company, owned and operated by people who share a common passion for their mountain lives and an appreciation and respect for the pristine environment in which we live. We recognize that we have a collective responsibility to ensure that Aspen Snowmass is a rewarding place to work and our community a desirable place to live. We respect and nurture the delicate balance between “resort” and “community” that makes us unique. We are successful because we live the values expressed here. We welcome you to discover your own path and impact through your experience here.

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