Snowmass Bike Park features lift-served downhill biking via the Elk Camp Gondola and chairlift. Each one has its own distinct personality, scenic beauty and skill level. Complimented with over 50 miles of cross-country trails Snowmass and the surrounding area is big on bike culture in summer time.

Snowmass Bike Park

Snowmass Bike Park

Upper- Mountain Trails



Valhalla is a 2.75-mile monster of a trail. It invites the toughest riders – and those who strive to be – to tackle an assortment of freeride challenges over the course of its 1,400-foot vertical drop. Valhalla sets a winding course through the aspen trees and features berms, jumps, bridges, table tops, a wall ride, drop zone, fruit bowl and rainbows, eventually delivering thrilled riders to Snowmass Base Village. Its one thing to describe it, quite another thing to experience it. 

Snowmass Bike Park | Bike Trails | Vapor



The Vapor Trail serves up 2.6 miles of downhill terrain and 1,400 feet of vertical drop. It begins at the top of the Elk Camp Lift and descends through a wide-open meadow, over bridges and berms and through groves of aspen and evergreen trees. It eventually ends at the top of the Elk Camp Gondola, where — if your synapses aren’t fried yet — you can connect to Valhalla. With berms up to six feet high and other natural features – this downhill trail will challenge various levels of riders, from intermediate to advance.



Viking is an intermediate flow trail with features to prepare riders for the challenge of Valhalla. Running for 2.7 miles, the trail takes riders from the top of Elk Camp Gondola down to Snowmass Base Village through evergreen forests, aspen trees and wide-open meadows for a scenic experience. Redesigned in 2014 to provide more fun and flow.

Snowmass Bike Park | Bike Trails | Verde



Verde is a beginner flow trail, perfect for new riders as well as intermediate riders who are working on cornering and fundamental skills. The trail offers 3.5 miles of fun, flowing trail through pine and aspen forest from Elk Camp to Base Village.


Intermediate cross country trail

The Expresso Trail is a classic single-track cross-country trail. Running at just over a mile long, it connects several freeride trails in the Elk Camp area and cross-country trails on the west side of Snowmass.


advanced cross country trail

Considered by many to be the quintessential mountain biking trail in the area, Government Trail is a beast worth riding. Traversing Snowmass Mountain and descending into the Maroon Creek Valley, it offers several stretches of scenic vistas and countless pitches of supreme challenge.  

Note: The section of trail east of Elk Camp Gondola is closed from May 15–June 20 for elk calving season.

tom blake


Beginning at Owl Creek Road, the Tom Blake Trail climbs through pristine stands of aspen, crosses several ski runs now profuse with wildflowers, and eventually arrives at the Snowmass Village Mall.

Note: The trail is closed from May 15–June 20 for elk calving season.