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Question: I want to purchase a season pass, but what if my circumstances change? Are pass purchases refundable?
Answer: All unused 2020-2021 season passes are fully refundable through November 20, 2020. After November 20, 2020 passes are nonrefundable and unused days have no value, but Multi-Event Insurance through Travel Guard is available for purchase to cover your investment. Click here to learn more about Travel Guard.

Question: What if I just want a refund for the shortened 2019-2020 season?

Answer: There are circumstances every year that can shorten or lengthen our operating season that are beyond our control. A season pass offers the best value for certain guests, but because of these types of unforeseen circumstances there is some risk involved. We feel we have created an equitable solution given all the complications brought on by the Covid-19 crisis. We have offered a flexible credit program that goes beyond what most other resort operators are doing. Even if you choose not to buy an Aspen Snowmass pass for the 2020-21 season, you will receive a credit to be used across our other business units or donated to Covid-19 relief efforts.

Question: What purchases can credits be used for?
Answer: In recognition of the abbreviated 2019-20 season and economic uncertainties caused by the Coronavirus outbreak, Aspen Snowmass is issuing all 2019-20 passholders credit to apply towards 2020-2021 purchases. You may log in to your account to view your credit amount. Credits are valid on all Aspen Snowmass summer and winter passes, lift tickets, activities, rentals, and lessons, including season pass deposits and full purchases, through April 30, 2021. Credits are not valid for on-mountain dining or hotel stays at Limelight or The Little Nell properties. Credits do not have to be used in full at the time of purchase. Credits are valid on online, over-the-phone and in-person purchases. Credits cannot be redeemed for cash. Credits for Chamber passes are being issued to the business that purchased the pass, not the individual passholder.

Question: How does the credit work?
Answer: The credit gives 2019-20 Aspen Snowmass passholders a tiered credit based on the pass product they held in the 2019-20 season that can be used across a wide spectrum of Aspen Snowmass offerings. Many operators are limiting the credit to the purchase of a 2020-21 pass, we have chosen to expand on that and give customers more options.

Question: How do I use my credit?
Answer: To redeem your credit you may log in to your account to view your credit amount and locate your voucher code. During checkout, apply your voucher code on the “Payment” page and complete your transaction.

Question: I see that we can choose to donate all or a portion of the credit to the Caring for Community Fund. How does that work?
Answer: The Caring for Community Fund donates to nonprofits that foster a strong, healthy, supportive and productive community. Areas of focus include: healthcare, mental health and addiction counseling services, crisis support, educational and job training. In this crisis, it vets and then donates to local organizations providing access to food, education, safe housing, rent and financial assistance. The Aspen Skiing Company Family Fund at Aspen Community Foundation will match up to $250,000 of your contributions and 100% of the proceeds will go to nonprofits serving our friends and neighbors. + Donate Now

Question: Who determines who gets the contributions?
Answer: The Caring for Community Fund is a uniquely Aspen creation. An employee board runs the organization, so it’s a way for people who otherwise would not have the opportunity, to be philanthropists and to learn about philanthropy. The foundation raises money by collecting weekly donations from employee paychecks, and that money is then matched by Aspen Skiing Company’s Family Fund. + Donate Now

Question: How does the deposit work?
Answer: The deposit allows people to get the lowest price offered for their season pass, with a small refundable deposit and the balance due on September 1. We feel this allows flexibility in uncertain economic times for many, and allows people to lock in the best price with no risk. The deposit is fully refundable until November 20, 2020.

Question: If I purchase a pass or put down a deposit and decide for whatever reason to change my mind, what happens?
Answer: We have made all our pass products 100% refundable through November 20, 2020. No conditions. If your circumstances change, even if you just change your mind, we will refund your investment 100%.

Question: I didn't use my pass and have insurance but they won’t cover it due to ski resort closures?
Answer: Pass Insurance is run through an independent company and they have specific guidelines on what the insurance covers. The shutdown due to the Covid-19 pandemic is not covered.

Question: I had an Ikon Pass that I was going to use at Aspen. What are you doing for me?
Answer: The Ikon Pass is issued through Alterra Mountain Company, you can visit www.ikonpass.com to see their policies.

Question: It looks like Vail Resorts is doing a 20% credit because we lost 20% of the season, why are you not doing the same?
Answer: We operate on different business models. The Epic Pass is a lower-priced product that drives volume. We believe our credit is in-line with the experience we offer, and is more flexible.

Question: I am moving and won’t be coming back to Aspen Snowmass next year and therefore can’t use the credit at all, how will I be compensated?
Answer: We understand that there will be many unique situations. We feel that the flexibility we are providing for use of the credit will give everyone an opportunity to use it in some way. You could use the credit to purchase a gift for someone else, donate to Covid-19 relief efforts, or buy products from our retail outlets.

Question: Why are you not basing tiers of credit of on usage? I only used my premier pass 3 days and am getting the same credit as someone who used their pass 40 days.
Answer: We charge one price for the season pass and each passholder is free to use the pass up to the maximum days permitted. If you were only able to use your season pass three days last season, you may want to consider a lower price/less access product this coming season.

Question: I don’t want the credit, who else can I talk to about getting my money back/where can I send an email complaint.
Answer: You can send your email to contactus@aspensnowmass.com.

Question: Are we getting money back on Parking Passes?
Answer: No, we are not issuing refunds or credits for parking passes. You can however use your credit towards a parking pass for next season.

Question: Can I use my 2019-20 Loyalty Reward?
Answer: Unfortunately, 2019-20 Loyalty Rewards expired at the end of the ski season as with prior seasons. We are currently evaluating the program for 2020-2021.

Question: Can unused Classic Pass days be used for Snowmass Bike Park access?
Answer: Unused Classic Pass days can be used for summer 2020 sightseeing lift access. You would need to pay for the bike haul portion separately.

Question: Why is the credit for my Chamber Pass going to my employer and not to me? I don’t work there anymore and I paid my employer for my pass.
Answer: All credits have been issued to the original purchaser, and Chamber passes are purchased by the business. You should contact your employer to see if there is anything they can do for you.

Question: Why can’t I buy my Chamber pass during the spring sale?
Answer: We are not selling any discount passes until mid-August and the Chamber pass program is a discount program. Since this is run through the Chambers, and businesses need to renew memberships annually, we don’t know who will still be eligible until late summer.

Question: What will chamber passes cost when they go on sale in August?
Answer: We have not yet finalized pricing beyond our spring sale. Typically, prices increase around 5% from year to year

Question: Will my Roaring Fork Valley Teacher Premier pass include an Ikon Base pass?
Answer: There is a real cost to Aspen Skiing Company in providing Ikon Base passes and in order to continue to offer discounted prices for teachers we are unable to include an Ikon Base pass with those purchases. Although our discount pass pricing has not yet been set for 2020 -21 it will be less expensive for you to purchase an Ikon Base pass at today’s pricing with your discounted Premier Pass than to purchase a full price Premier Pass during the spring sale.

Question: Why aren’t you including an Ikon Base pass with Premier Silver Passes, since they receive all the other Premier Pass benefits?
Answer: There is a real cost to Aspen Skiing Company in providing Ikon Base passes and in order to keep the pricing so highly discounted we are unable to include this benefit. We did not want to have to increase the price to provide a benefit that not everyone wants. You can purchase an Ikon Base pass yourself along with your Premier Silver pass ($699 + $539 = $1,238) and it is $241 cheaper than buying a Premier Senior pass that includes the Ikon Base ($1,479).

Question: The Parent Pass no longer includes the Ikon Base pass benefit, why is that?
Answer: The Parent Pass is already a discounted product to provide flexibility for those with young children. There is a hard cost associated with providing the Ikon Base pass benefit, and in order to continue to offer this type of product, we need to be conscious of offering additional discounts.

Question: How do I get my Ikon Base Pass?
Answer: If you purchased an Adult or Senior Premier Pass, or redeem a voucher for a Chamber Premier Pass in the fall, you will receive an email from orders@aspensnowmass.com with a unique promo code for your complimentary Ikon Base Pass. We will begin issuing promo codes in mid-August. This promo code is valid for the passholder only, and must be redeemed by December 15, 2020. Complimentary Ikon Base passes are not valid at Aspen Snowmass or Jackson Hole

Question: Can my Ikon Base Pass be used at Aspen Snowmass?
Answer: Ikon Base Passes that are included with Aspen Snowmass Premier Passes will not provide access at Aspen Snowmass, since access for Aspen Snowmass is unlimited with a Premier Pass. Your Ikon Base Pass, just like your Premier Pass, is nontransferable and cannot be used by anyone else in resort who may not have an Aspen Snowmass pass.

Question: Will I get all of the Ikon Base Pass benefits?
Answer: You will receive all of the 2020-21 Ikon Base Pass skiing/riding benefits – unlimited access at 14 iconic destinations and up to 5 days each at 26 destinations (Aspen Snowmass and Jackson Hole are not included with the Ikon Base Pass), with blackout dates. Visit www.ikonpass.com for additional pass benefits.

Question: Do Aspen Skiing Company employees receive complimentary Ikon Base Passes?
Answer: No, employees are not eligible for the complimentary Ikon Base Pass, but are eligible for 50% off lift tickets at all Ikon Pass destinations. In addition, the existing Real Deal program is still in effect. Please contact your manager to learn more.

Question: You’ve seen the lawsuits against Ikon and Epic, aren’t you worried about a lawsuit?
Answer: We feel we have created an equitable solution given all the complications brought on by this crisis. We have offered a flexible credit program that goes beyond what most other resort operators are doing. Even if you choose not to buy an Aspen Snowmass pass for the 2020-21 season, you will receive a credit to be used across our other business units or donated to Covid-19 relief efforts.

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