Lock in your 2020-2021 Aspen Snowmass season pass at this season’s super early pricing and enjoy extra benefits through spring, summer and next winter.

You might have a few questions, so we're here to answer them.

Question: Why can’t I buy my chamber pass at this year’s super early rate?
Answer: We are not selling any discount passes until mid-August and the chamber pass program is a discount program. Since this is run through the Chambers, and businesses need to renew memberships annually, we don’t know who will still be eligible.

Question: What will chamber passes cost when they go on sale in August?
Answer: We have not yet finalized pricing beyond our spring sale. Typically prices increase around 5% from year to year.

Question: What if I purchase an Ikon Pass now and then buy an Aspen Snowmass pass that includes an Ikon Pass?
Answer: Ikon will be able to provide refunds for Ikon passes purchased by customers who receive an Ikon Base Pass as part of their season pass purchase.

Question: Will my Roaring Fork Valley Teacher Premier Pass include an Ikon Base Pass?
Answer: There is a real cost to Aspen Skiing Company in providing Ikon Base passes and in order to continue to offer discounted prices for teachers we are unable to include an Ikon Base Pass with those purchases. Although our discount pass pricing has not yet been set for 2020-21, it will be less expensive for you to purchase an Ikon Base Pass at today’s pricing with your discounted Premier Pass than to purchase a full price Premier Pass during the spring sale.

Question: Why aren’t you including an Ikon Base Pass with Premier Silver Passes, since they receive all the other Premier Pass benefits?
Answer: There is a real cost to Aspen Skiing Company in providing Ikon Base Passes and in order to keep the pricing so highly discounted we are unable to include this benefit. We did not want to have to increase the price to provide a benefit that not everyone wants. You can purchase an Ikon Base Pass yourself along with your Premier Silver Pass ($649 + $514 = $1,163) and it is $226 cheaper than buying a Premier Senior pass that includes the Ikon Base ($1,389).

Question: If I buy a Parent Pass will both my spouse and I receive an Ikon Base Pass or an Ikon Base Pass that we can share?
Answer: Purchasers of a Parent Pass will only receive one Ikon Base Pass and will need to decide which parent will use that benefit prior to collecting it.

Q: How do I get my Ikon Base Pass?
A: Vouchers for the Ikon Base Pass will be issued after Chamber Passes go on sale in August and eligible Premier pass purchasers will have until mid-December to take advantage of this opportunity.

Question: Can my Ikon Base Pass be used at Aspen Snowmass?
Answer: Ikon Base Passes that are included with Aspen Snowmass Premier Passes will not provide access at Aspen Snowmass since access for Aspen Snowmass is unlimited with a Premier Pass. Your Ikon Base Pass, just like your Premier Pass, is nontransferable and cannot be used by anyone else in resort who may not have an Aspen Snowmass pass.

Question: Will I get all of the Ikon Base Pass benefits?
Answer: You will receive all of the 2020-21 Ikon Base Pass skiing/riding benefits – up to 5 days each at 23 destinations (Aspen Snowmass and Jackson Hole are excluded). Other benefits included with this complimentary pass are still being finalized.

Question: Do Aspen Skiing Company employees receive a complimentary Ikon Base Passes?
Answer: No, employees are not eligible for the complimentary Ikon Base Pass, but are eligible for 50% off lift tickets at all Ikon Pass destinations. In addition, the existing Real Deal program is still in effect. Please contact your manager to learn more.

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