Camp Aspen Snowmass and Mountain Ventures are located at the Treehouse Kids' Adventure Center in Snowmass Base Village. Free 30-minute parking is available at the drop off location and free all-day parking is available in the parking garage. Children must be the appropriate age prior to the program start date.

Camp Hours

Open June 8 - August 28, 2020
Monday - Friday, 8 am–4 pm

Morning Drop Off

Aspen: 8–8:30 am at Koch Park (on the corner of South Garmisch and East Durant). Children must be at least 4 years old to ride the bus. No exceptions due to licensing.
Snowmass: 8-9 am at the Treehouse Kids' Adventure Center in Snowmass Base Village

Afternoon Pick Up

Aspen & Snowmass: 4 pm at locations listed above.


Camp: Included for ages 1-2 yrs. Lunch is not included in the camp day for ages 3 and older, but can be purchased for $14. Campers also have the option to bring their own lunch (must be nut free).
Mountain Ventures: Please bring a lunch or money to purchase lunch as most Mountain Venture activities are held off-property.

What to Bring

Dress appropriate for scheduled activities. Please label everything. Make sure to include proper footwear for hiking and outdoor activities, waterproof jacket, hat, water bottle, swimsuit & towel (bring every day in case you decide to swim). Please provide a change of clothes for young campers.

Other Considerations

We are not responsible for lost items.
Do not send more than $20 with your child.
Do not send electronic devices, iPhones, iPods, toys, games or other items of value from home.

Additional Information

This program is licensed by the State of Colorado and follows state requirements outlined for school age programs.

Philosophy and Goals

To provide a stimulating, high-quality Day Camp and Childcare Program based on the developmental needs of children. To establish a safe environment that provides opportunities for children ages 1 year through teens to explore the great outdoors through enriched educational and recreational activities.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Camp Aspen Snowmass does not discriminate in their enrollment or employment on basis of race, religion, national origin, sex or age. Children with special needs are welcome in our program provided we can meet their needs. Please let us know if your child has any special requirements so that we may review the situation carefully to determine if our program is able to meet these needs.

Enrollment Procedures

Parents are required to fill out our enrollment papers by their first day of Camp. As a STATE LICENSED FACILITY.

  • CAMP: Parents must complete a Camp Aspen Snowmass medical release form by the start of Camp and submit a copy
  • Parents must complete a Camp Aspen Snowmass medical release form by the start of Camp and submit a copy of all immunization records for each child participating in Camp. Daily, parents must sign campers in and out with Camp staff and provide a daytime contact phone number, end of day pickup location, and any special requests. Parents must have their Camp Aspen Snowmass issued security pass for pickup.
  • MOUNTAIN VENTURES: Parents must complete a Camp Aspen Snowmass medical release form by the start of Mountain Ventures. If attending 10 or more days, parents must submit a copy of each child's immunization records. Daily, parents must sign campers in and out with Camp staff and provide a daytime contact phone number, end of day pick up location, and any special requests. Parents must have their Camp Aspen Snowmass issued security pass for pickup.

Cancellation/CHANGE Policy

  • Cubs Camp, daily Camp reservations, specialty camps, multi-day camps, and Mountain Ventures must be cancelled or changed 24 hours in advance for a full refund. Camp passholders will be charged $76 if reservations are not cancelled or changed 24 hours in advance.
  • Weather Cancellations: Camp/Mountain Ventures activities that are cancelled due to weather by Camp Aspen Snowmass will be rescheduled and/or refunded. Campers will choose another activity for the day if any activity is cancelled.

In Case of Illness or Absence

You must call (970) 923-8733 and cancel by 7 am if you wish to receive a make-up day; otherwise you will be charged for the day.

Our program is not staffed or licensed to care for ill children. Please do not bring a child to camp who is exhibiting symptoms of a cold, sore throat, rash, diarrhea, fever, or who has vomited in the past 24 hours. If you child develops any of these symptoms during the day, you will be contacted immediately and asked to pick up your child within the hour. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide alternative care at this time. Your child’s exposure to, or exhibiting any symptoms of any communicable disease (such as chicken pox, measles, mumps, whooping cough, strep throat, pink eye, RSV, etc) should be reported immediately to our staff. Exposure to communicable diseases will be posted to inform other parents. Outbreaks of certain diseases must be reported to the Center for Disease Control.

Administering Medication

Consent to administer all medications must be filled out by a parent with a staff member present. The MEDICATION MUST BE IN ITS ORIGINAL CONTAINER STATING DOSAGE AND FREQUENCY. The medication needs to be prescribed by a Doctor. Those children with allergies that require an Epipen will need to fill out a special form. Please let us know of any allergies so that we can give your child an allergy tag. The Treehouse is a nut free zone.

In Case of Emergency

Each day your child attends Camp, parents will be asked to provide an emergency telephone, cellular, or pager number on our sign in sheets. In the event of a medical emergency, the parents will be notified, an EMT will be called and the child may be transported to Aspen Valley Hospital. Staff members are trained in first aid and CPR. Accident reports will be filled out by a staff member. Evacuation notices are posted in each room of the building in case of fire or other disaster. The fire department schedules fire drills and practices evacuation procedures at least once a year for our building.


The staff conducts field trips and excursions away from Camp property. Permission to include your child is on our registration agreement. Transportation will be provided by Camp 15-21 passenger vehicles with seat belts, a 25-passenger town shuttle or public bus.

Field trips will be posted daily. Some special activities will require parental permission and will need to be signed by the parent on the day of the event.


Our approach to discipline is through positive guidance (asking the child for the desired behavior) rather than negative statements. We have the right to refuse attendance based on Childcare Licensing Guidelines for behavioral issues. A copy of our discipline policies is posted in the main office of Camp Aspen Snowmass. Your child will need to acknowledge this Code of Conduct before attending Camp.

Camper Code of Conduct

Campers need to respect each other and staff. No cursing, hitting, punching, biting, spitting or bullying.
Camp maintains an age appropriate environment. We do not tolerate inappropriate language and actions.
Camp will not tolerate the presence of any type of weapon; this includes pocket knives.
Physical violence or acts of harassment will not be tolerated.
Violation of the above rules may result in removal from the program.

Kid’s Agreement

Remember to always:

  • Use nice words and actions.
  • Share things that belong to Camp.
  • Take only the things that belong to you.
  • Treat all games, equipment and Camp property with respect.
  • Be nice to all kids and counselors at Camp.
  • Not bring anything to Camp that could hurt anyone else.
  • Have a really awesome time at camp every day!
If you break the Agreement you may be asked not to come back to Camp … and that would make us very sad.

Licensing / Child Abuse Information

Most licensed facilities make every effort to provide a safe and healthy environment for children. Unfortunately, on rare occasions, an incident of physical or sexual abuse may occur. If you believe that your child has been abused, you should seek immediate assistance from your county department of social services. The phone number to report child abuse for the Pitkin County Department of Social Services is (970) 429-2040. Colorado law requires that child care providers report all known or suspected cases of child abuse or neglect.
Child care services play an important role in supporting families, and strong families are the basis of a thriving community. Your child’s educational, physical, emotional, and social development will be nurtured in a well planned and well run program. You are welcome to observe the program, with regard to the children’s health, safety, equipment, play materials, and staff.

For information about the childcare facilities or complaints contact:
Department of Human Services, Division of Childcare
1575 Sherman St.
Denver, CO 80203-1714
(303) 866-5948.