The “mass“ in Snowmass pertains to a lot of things. Massive terrain, massive amounts of snow, and a massive amount of dining options. Whether you’re looking for a quick bowl of chili to warm you up or an elegant European-style lunch to last for two hours, quality food is always within reach on the mountain. Below are the seven restaurants you can find all across the mountain.

New in 2019-2020

Sam's at Snowmass
Sam's at Snowmass

We are proud to introduce our newest restaurant atop the Village Express lift: Sam's.

Formerly known as Sam's Smokehouse, the space has been completely renovated and the menu re-conceived, featuring a focus on authentic Italian. Savor some of the best views in Colorado with a glass of Nebbiolo or a Negroni Sprtiz, and toast to the good life with slippers on.

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