Join the Pros at Aspen Highlands for an intermediate-to-expert coaching/guided experience that will take your skiing or riding skills to the next level.

The unique terrain and conditions of Aspen Highlands offer our guests a special opportunity to find out what big-mountain skiing is all about. Under the guidance of our highly experienced Pros, you will learn the special techniques and tactics needed to handle steep terrain and quickly changing snow conditions.

We also invite you to ski or ride our magical, hard-to-find stashes of beautiful steep powder. Aspen Highlands truly has a unique character all its own.

Please note: Due to terrain, beginner lessons are not available at Aspen Highlands.



Where to Meet Ski School Lessons Highlands General Where to Meet Ski School Highlands General


Private Lessons at Aspen Highlands start their day by meeting at the Private Lesson Desk next to the Ticket Office in Highlands Village. 

Where to Meet Ski School Lessons Highlands Exhibition Lift Where to Meet Ski School Highlands Lessons Exhibition Lift

BASE of exhibition lift

The base of the high-speed quad Exhibition Lift serves as the Aspen Highlands meeting location for kids Group Lessons for Ages 7 to 12 and Ages 5 and 6. 

Where to Meet Highlands Merry Go Round Ski School Lessons Where to Meet Ski School Lessons Merry Go Round Highlands

Merry-go-round restaurant

Located at the top of Exhibition Lift midway up the mountain, just outside of the Merry-Go-Round Restaurant is the meeting place for our Adult Group Lessons at Aspen Highlands.